March 27, 1890 Tornado Outbreak

On March 27, 1890 tornadoes devastated Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky. Almost 100 people died in Kentucky. Bowling Green was largely destroyed and many towns along the path were wrecked.

Article from 29 Mar 1890, Page 1 – San Francisco Chronicle at

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2 Responses to March 27, 1890 Tornado Outbreak

  1. Disillusioned says:

    It is really difficult to discern which tornado outbreaks were caused by CO2-induced climate change and which were not (other than by the dates of the outbreaks – and a whole mess of unfounded assumptions and government-funded pals reviewing and agreeing with those unfounded assumptions).

    • rah says:

      One thing you can be sure of is that someone will blame all the ones during this season to have been caused or made worse by man. And it is likely to be the first really hyperactive season we have seen in several years.

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