Michael Mann Defines Himself

Michael Mann proudly aligns himself with people like Fauci and Paul Ehrlich.

Climate scientist Michael Mann makes a home at Penn | Penn Today

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17 Responses to Michael Mann Defines Himself

  1. GWS says:

    The first thing the left does is change the definitions of words, making it deliberately impossible to reason with them. It’s a defense tactic, like moving the goal posts, or disavowing something exists, or avowing that something does exist which does not.
    Anything to trip up, confuse, and snare the right in a trap of trying to defend themselves against falsehoods instead of debating the real issues at hand.

  2. arn says:

    Paul Ehrlich – the global cooling Paul Ehrlich?
    Paul Ehrlich who made a living with failed doom and gloom predictions but was never punished for his unprofessional charlatanry because too many scientist are like Mann and Ehrlich.
    Paul Ehrlich who pushed in his book ecoscience for ecofascism and forced sterilization,reduced access to energy and world population reduction to > 2 billion which is all implemented right now in the name of global warming and Covid.
    (the book including that Georgia Guidestones which appeared a few years later are a good indicator for how much power the deeper state had already back then to apply such ideas on a global scale)
    Considering how of Ehrlich failed it is no surprise Mann aligns with him as he is Ehrlichs successor in propaganda science and his prediction therefore as miserable.

  3. Oeman 50 says:

    I am glad he identifies as Ehrlich and Carson. Ehrlich’s predictions have been found to be wrong for over 40 years. And the wholesale banning of DDT has allowed mosquito-borne diseases to kill millions of people unnecessarily. Mickey is in good company.

    • David More says:

      Poor Mikie, just cannot help being wrong.
      we made into the analysis of paleoclimate data proxies—like tree rings,
      Nope, just found that One Tree in the forest that was different than all the others.

      Paul Ehrlich, Rachel Carson, scientists before me were attacked because their message was inconvenient.
      Nope, it was because their message was Wrong.

      with people like Emily Falk, who uses cognitive science to understand how ideas spread.
      So another Propogandist.

      urban environment in Atlanta, leading to an intensification of rainfall in certain locations in the city. And guess what? Those locations are all low-income. It’s low-priced real estate because it experiences more flooding.

      Cart-Horse or Horse-Cart. But it has to be Racey.

      Glad to see him tied in with Dr Faulty Science.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    “I glad I’m not a public health scientist.” I’m not so sure why the modifier “public” was needed, but I think I can fix the whole thing for him: “I’m glad that I’m not a scientist.”
    Also attributing a false motive to those who disagree with him, trying to vilify them. It isn’t because his message is inconvenient; it’s because his message is wrong, and he alters the data to mislead people.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    He makes it easy to tell whenever he is lying. His lips are moving. His answers in the interview are fantasy-world bollocks.

    He spends his life trying to silence the very people he says are trying to silence him. Nobody is trying to silence him. They want to debate him *(and also would like for him to produce his work).

  6. spren says:

    What a colossal wingnut. Ehrlich has never been correct about anything. Carson was a fraudulent charlatan. That’s why Mann identifies with them. What a Maroon.

  7. aussie says:

    Mann and his ilk are not scientists, they are political animals.

    At least he has clearly identified this and the fact that the usual scientific scepticism, which a true scientist must cultivate, is instead turned into attacking and destroying those who disagree with you is now very clear.

    In the past we always had Mann types on the fringes and providing they remained there, did little damage, except to their own reputations. The huge problem we now have is that these dangerous types are now holding sway and will create enormous problems and issues. Which we then have to fix as they will ride this one all the way to complete destruction if allowed.

  8. Mann, like Carson and Ehrlich provide the pseudo-scientific justification for technocratic world government, whose agenda includes the extermination of 95% of humanity. He is a member of the same anti-humanist cult, propagating the myth that humans are destroying the planet.

  9. Peter Carroll says:

    I think you may have made a spelling mistake Tony.
    Shouldn’t that read, Michael Mann, “defiles” himself?

  10. dm says:

    Public health scientists “… have been subject to the same … kinds of attacks as the climate community because of the inconvenient nature of their findings …”

    What is the INCONVENIENT nature? Fauxci et. al. were wrong about everything throughout the C19 outbreak, with one exception. The exception: He initially and correctly said masks are useless.

    What are the attacks? Realists shining light on Fauxci et. al’s wrong claims, bad public health policies, stifling of dissent … Realists’ demands that Fauxci et al. be removed, for cause, from office and punished to the max extent of the law are also deemed attacks by Mann et. al.

  11. Kangarew says:

    Another unrepentant liar hits the jackpot.

  12. Mac says:

    This guy is an idiot. So, as evidence of his “victimhood” he cites Fauci, Rachel Carson, and Paul Erlich as fellow oppressed comrades? All three of those people were 100% spectacularly wrong about everything they’ve said for years now. Fauci is a crook and a liar. And, Erlich, in particular, has been prognosticating about the end of the world relentlessly. He seems to have developed an obsessive-compulsive fixation on imminent doomsday. However, of course, nothing catastrophic has happened. Life is a lot better now than it was back when Erlich started screaming about the apocalypse.

    “Climate change” is a pseudo-science scam and a political/religious cult, and Michael Mann is the Lyndon LaRouche of the cult.

  13. Allan Shelton says:

    Mike Mann is so wrong it is difficult to believe that he cannot see the stupidity of his own statements.

  14. Stuart Hamish says:

    Has Michael Mann read the FEE article damning Rachel Carson’s death dealing hostility to DDT : ” Millions Died Thanks To The Mother Of Environmentalism ” ……Is he aware of Faucis strange ideas on the contagiousness of HIV AIDS in the 1980’s or that Paul Ehrlich espoused policies tantamount to eugenics ? . …Who else occupies pride of place in the “long lineage of scientists ” whose message was inconvenient ? Trofim Lysenko ?.. .Mike Mann is not a brave torch-bearing martyr of scientific integrity. Rather he is on the side of the “powerful interests that would shut up dissenting scientists and doctors and “keep them out somehow ” even if they have “to redefine what the scientific literature is “

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