The New Normal

Two of the youngest Democrat senators – John Fetterman (53) and Ben Ray Lujan (50) – suffered strokes last year. Both were vaccine advocates. What are the odds of that happening randomly?

6:30 PM · Apr 21, 2022

Senator Ben Ray Luján’s Stroke, and His Recovery for a Supreme Court Vote – The New York Times

Luján Stresses Importance of Boosting Vaccination Rates in Committee Hearing – Senator Ben Ray Luján

Chris van Hollen (64) of Maryland also had a stroke.

Sen. Van Hollen says he suffered stroke – POLITICO

Van Hollen, Murphy, Moran, Colleagues Urge Blinken to Help Americans Living Abroad Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19 | U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland

The odds of all three of them suffering a stroke the same year are more than 20,000: 1

Journal of Stroke

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11 Responses to The New Normal

  1. Guy Warren says:

    Chris Van Hollen of Maryland also had a stroke.

    48 Dem Senators – 3 have a stroke in a 12 month period. Coincidence!

    • arn says:

      The same covincidences that led to the massive increase among sport professionals – I guess.

      The same covidcidence that led to the covid outbreak after event 201.

      The same coincidence that reduced the timeframe of creating a vaccine from 15 years to 6 month.
      A spectacular never seen before scientific breakthrough that happened at Pfizer,Astra Zeneca and Moderna at the very same time on several levels – creating vaccines,testing vaccines,longterm studies that now only take a few days
      and the production of the vaccine on a never seen before scale.

      The same coincidence that made Fauci not only sponsor the creation of the virus,
      but also transferring the technology to china that hides the artificial origin of covid.

    • Kevin M says:

      I got vaccinated to keep a job, and I also had an inexplicable stroke a few months later. Luckily for the co. I’m not the litigious type.

  2. GWS says:

    Truth is whatever I say it is, dimocrats say.

  3. conrad ziefle says:

    How long can a governor appointee stay in office before it becomes necessary for a special election to replace mentally disabled elected officials? The term should be limited to the time it takes to have an orderly re-election, and Republicans should be gearing up to harvest the votes in those places where they can. Time to fight back.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    It could also be that their brains become entangled by the irrationality of their belief system and just burn up.

  5. rah says:

    I honestly hope every democrat and RINO took the jabs. ALL OF THEM!

  6. rah says:

    Oh, and that goes for Biden and his whole Cabinet and every assistant secretary.

  7. johansen says:

    Cocaine and meth also cause strokes, and this *is* the U.S. Senate after all

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