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Two of the youngest Democrat senators – John Fetterman (53) and Ben Ray Lujan (50) – suffered strokes last year. Both were vaccine advocates. What are the odds of that happening randomly?

6:30 PM · Apr 21, 2022

Senator Ben Ray Luján’s Stroke, and His Recovery for a Supreme Court Vote – The New York Times

Luján Stresses Importance of Boosting Vaccination Rates in Committee Hearing – Senator Ben Ray Luján

Chris van Hollen (64) of Maryland also had a stroke.

Sen. Van Hollen says he suffered stroke – POLITICO

Van Hollen, Murphy, Moran, Colleagues Urge Blinken to Help Americans Living Abroad Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19 | U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland

The odds of all three of them suffering a stroke the same year are more than 20,000: 1

Journal of Stroke

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