Where’s The Pollution?

Colorado governor Jared Polis is shutting down the Rawhide coal fired power plant in northern Colorado, which powers much of the state including Fort Collins. He says he is doing this to protect the environment. During the night, the coal plant generates 280MW and the solar panels generate nothing.

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4 Responses to Where’s The Pollution?

  1. Bob G says:

    they want to do the same thing in Minnesota. the only thing saving Minnesota from brownouts or worse is we are importing electricity from coal generation power plants in North Dakota. update on snow cover in Minnesota I’m in South Central Minnesota and we still have 20 in on the ground with below average temperatures in the forecast. I’m happy as heck next weekend we’re going snowmobiling!

  2. GWS says:

    How can CO2 be considered a pollutant if plants and animals (including man) depend on it for survival? Only bey people being indoctrinated into believing it so. And who would do a thing lie that?

  3. gronimo says:

    I think I saw the pollution enter the frame at around second 3, and it jumped around a bit before tracking the movement of the smokestack, which was emmitting nothing.

    That’s it, right? The pollution? I agree – it must be stopped now.

  4. Oeman 50 says:

    I saw that station when I was on I-25 driving up to Cheyenne from Denver Airport. It was a fine looking plant, especially compared to some of the ones I have seen.

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