Right Wing Russian Agents

“Anything and anyone these people can’t control and censor gets called “right-wing” (or “a Russian agent”). They’re dealing with their collapsed relevance and the contempt the public has for them quite poorly: by lashing out like shrieking hysterics as their ship sinks”

Glenn Greenwald

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3 Responses to Right Wing Russian Agents

  1. arn says:

    On a funny note :
    The Indian guy who tried to enter the white house with his truck
    (a freedom fighting rebel representing the majority of people in his country fighting Putins opression if this would have happened in the Kremlin)
    was also “right wing”.

    They have immediately found a Nazi flag in his home.
    I wonder since when Nazi flags have become standard part of FBI equipment.

    Now let’s see how they will try to spin this brown guys attack on the white house into a white supremacy thing.

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