Running Out Of Time

Joe Biden says all the world’s top scientists agree we only have a few more years to save the planet from global warming, and he guaranteed he would end fossil fuels, end drilling and run the country off wind and solar.

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9 Responses to Running Out Of Time

  1. Curious how few of the world’s ‘top scientists’ supporting the global warming narrative are Chinese.

  2. arn says:

    Biden is right – his Bosses have only a few more years to transform the west into a deculturelised and deindustrialised shithole,
    and if Trump gets once again in the way the plans will fail for sure,
    as neither NATO,nor CiA,nor centralized digital currency,ESG or global(ist) Organisations like UN or WHO could do the very things they have been really created for.

    And in terms of climate: Things will stay pretty much the same,and the boring standard weather will be sold as ultimate doom(to get rid of energy production and free markets) just as they sell the (former) freest
    and most tolerant country in the world as white supremacy cesspit(to get rid of culture and borders).

  3. GWS says:

    Biden can’t go five words without lying. He thinks we’re all idiots.

    • arn says:

      “Pelosi helped rescue the economy in the great depression ”

      Joe Biden,a few days after he made again the false claim that his son was killed in Iraq.

    • Bob G says:

      at least half of his voters are idiots. that’s why they keep lying, they get away with it, it works.. the other half are in on it in some way or another, crony capitalism, free this and free that, government employees looking out for themselves.

  4. Bob G says:

    biden and his buddies are getting a lot of help destroying our country from the Democratic run big cities like New York Chicago Seattle Portland San Francisco Los Angeles and let’s now add Minneapolis to the list. a black man who’s well known to law enforcement pushed a white man underneath a train and the white man was killed. the black man was released no charges filed even though the incident was on video. personally I’m done with Minneapolis. I used to go there for the occasional night out or sports event. you can read the story at

  5. Bob G says:

    I may have been a little bit too harsh 😁 in my previous post. no, half of biden voters are not idiots. my daughters all voted for him. they are not idiots. they are ignorant and gullible and don’t realize that the other side is always trying to scam you. for some reason they think it’s cool to vote Democrat and archaic to vote Republican. with 95% of the media bashing Republicans all the time I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. rinos are not helping the situation, just today Paul Ryan bashed Trump and said he’s unelectable. I am so sick of Paul Ryan

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