“Support Our Mission”

Scientific American wants you to support their mission to eliminate large numbers of humans from the planet. They say that wiping out the human population will prevent bad weather and fires.

“Deloitte recently estimated climate chaos could cost the United States alone $14.5 trillion by 2070 as we respond to the increasingly frequent and intense damage caused by extreme weather and wildfires, and the threats to communities, farms and businesses from droughts and unpredictable weather.”

Population Decline Will Change the World for the Better – Scientific American

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24 Responses to “Support Our Mission”

  1. conrad ziefle says:

    The morons keep yammering, and the peasants keep genuflecting.

    • GWS says:

      If depopulation really was their goal why aren’t dims pushing for assisted suicide and government sponsored castration? I think the trans movement already has it.

  2. Gamecock says:


    Preferring a big dirt ball to their own species.

    ‘A future with fewer people offers increased opportunity’

    For whom? Not for the dead!

    ‘the United Nations predicts dozens of countries will have shrinking populations by 2050. This is good news.’

    News of the Future. If a prediction is news.

    This article is sick stuff. SA supports mass murder. And tells us it will be great!

  3. Ah! “Population Decline!” It’s interesting that most proponents of this notion do not propose to voluntarily contribute to this themselves. (Hmmm….. I wonder why that is?)

    In the meantime, and this seems to be a consistent pattern: As there is an improved lifestyle for people when cheap electricity and modern technology enables a comfortable lifestyle, together with education for children, then there is a natural reduction in the rate of increasing population. And this seems to be a consistently logical process.

    Professor Hans Rösling assembled a number of excellent (and entertaining) presentations on this subject. I’ve assembled three of them into this: http://www.galileomovement.com.au/media/PopulationExplosion/pdf. (And this is just one optional ‘side-bit’ from this introduction to the whole subject of ‘climate change’ etc., leading to the technology that will ‘fix’ the [non-]problem of ‘carbon [sic] emissions’ that the propagandists have been pushing to the Public for years – particularly to innocent children: http://www.galileomovement.com.au/media/SaveThePlanet.pdf.)

    It’s a funny thing, but there are lots of Tony Heller’s contributions featured here and there ….. (Could it be because Tony features nasty facts rather than political-manipulation fantasy? But what about ‘the experts’ at the U.N. I.P.C.C. and the World Economic Forum I hear you think?????)

  4. Referring to humans as ‘large animals’ betrays a certain elitist outlook. The author clearly does not include herself among the excess population. Humans are unique in that they are not restricted by some Malthusian ‘carrying capacity’ of the environment. Through ingenuity and creativity (qualities alien to the anti-humanist mentality) the human race can change the ‘carrying capacity’ of its environment and in so doing has colonized even the most hostile environments on the planet, and indeed one day will colonize planets and moons of the Solar System which currently have a ‘carrying capacity’ which is zero or negative at present.

    The only real restrictions on ‘carrying capacity’ for the human race are those imposed artificially by so-called ecologists, who are really hiding their psychopathy behind a mask of altruism. The denial of fossil fuels is a start, the prevention of access to raw materials is another, and the anti-nitrogen movement destroying agriculture is another. If there is to be a reduction in population, we should start with the race traitors. Not exploiting the environment will set us back to the stone age, when the average lifespan was barely 20 years.

  5. Greg in NZ says:

    “Just shut up and take your climate change va<<ine!"

    Do it for the planet's sake…


  6. Ivan Wainwright says:

    Reduced grain production during the Grand Solar Minimum, (expected to last until 2053),will starve millions, possibly billions, to death. The total fall in temperature is not known, but the late Dr. Tim Ball said that if the temperature falls by 2C or more, Canada will be out of the grain export business. American Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt (q.v.) has said that three quarters of the peoples of the Earth are reproducing at less than the replacement rate.

    • JimK says:

      Don’t discount the possibility of developing grains that thrive at lower temperatures.

      • Tel says:

        Maybe some kind of greenhouse effect might be generated by perhaps some kind of greenhouse?

        The Dutch farmers were giving it a try before their government shut them down.

  7. arn says:

    The Political American once again – and just as always in communism the most equal animals will neither be part of the depopulation nor the restrictions.

    I wonder what and how they would promote ‘population decline ‘ without global warming happening just when they needed it (does anyone know about a climate event 201 that preceded the climate catastrophy or was it the creation of the club of rome )?
    It would be impossible.

    But global warming combined with mandatory forced medication (as already suggested by Paul Ehrlich and Obamas chief propagandist Holdren in Ecoscience)the WHO is trying to implement on a global scale right now (some artificial virus is waiting to be released)
    will do the job.
    And now we may get an idea why these depopulation fans are so desperate to grab guns – It’s not about protecting the lives of those they want to get rid of,
    but about protecting the vaxxers.
    (and there are hundreds of thousands purple haired activists with useless college degrees out there searching for a job that fits their mindset)

  8. Francis Barnett says:

    Meanwhile, this side of the pond:-

    The CNTE “proposes to retain, for the trajectory of adaptation to climate change, the general hypothesis of global warming of 3°C by the end of the century, crossing 1.5°C in 2030 and 2°C in 2050” . “We are on a trajectory towards 3°C at the global level and therefore for metropolitan France that means +4°C” , specified the environmental senator and vice-president of the specialized commission of the CNTE Ronan Dantec, stressing that the The opinion was adopted “unanimously” .

    So why does France get hotter than the rest of the globe?

    Pure scaremongering BS.

    • They will be ice skating on the Seine, and still our beloved leaders will be declaring record high temperatures. After all, they are ‘following the science’ despite not having a single science qualification between them.

  9. JimK says:

    Less population WILL HURT everyone because less population means less people working on making rapid progress in solving man’s problems. Disease, reducing poverty, increasing food, increasing wealth.

    • Tel says:

      The problem I’m up against is that Bill Gates and Dr Fauci and a bunch of others all claim to be “solving man’s problems” and with those people helping me I think I would be better off doing it all myself.

      You say, “Wait! Wait! Somewhere out there is someone who genuinely does have some good ideas.”

      Maybe yeah … but how do I know that guy is ever going to get a chance?

    • arn says:

      Not really – when less population only affects the ‘bottom’ 90% of the educated nothing will really change,
      as the major inventions are probably made by > 0.1%
      and almost all from very specific countries coming from very specific schools.
      And if they use an effective selective process in scouting and teaching skilled children,then even the longterm negative effects can be compensated as those skilled will be told what to learn and research,while right now 98% are busy doing things the elites consider irrelevant for their goals.

      + I’m 100% sure that the elites are willing to take a decrease in progress by up to 80% if they can get 100% control and power in return.
      IMO the destruction of energy supply and cheap energy will have a way worse effect.
      Another thing is that diseases went so much down and food so much up that they have to create diseases and covid and attack food production.

      We also need to take into account that the current state of progress can easily carry the desired earth population of > 500 mio with no poverty or food problems at all.And wealth won’t be a problem neither as – You will own nothing and love it :)

      • conrad ziefle says:

        Yeah, but those .1% need to get born, and then cultivated so that they have the knowledge to apply their intelligence to. Right now, we are holding the brilliant back so that they don’t make the imbeciles feel bad about themselves. A recipe for disaster.

        • arn says:

          Well,they already started the first step of taking away children from their parents
          by trying to not allow them to stop transition.
          Hilary says it takes a village to raise a child and Biden said a few days ago “There is no such thing as someone elses child.Our nation’s children are ALL OUR children”.

          And if you heard about the Janissaries or the Jesuit saying “Give me the child and I’ll give you the man”,
          you may realise that 500 mio may be sufficient enough to keep the standards.

          Just take a look at S Korea Japan & Taiwan – those 3 combined with a 70ies pre woke USA could run the whole world with a population barely above 500mio.
          And they don’t even have a institutionalised strict scouting system the elites will use.

      • Actually, one of the hardest jobs to automate is the lowly janitor. Probably the easiest to replace with AI are the members of the WEF, who are the most voracious of consumers of resources (the results of other’s efforts) while contributing very little.

  10. Mac says:

    Get your COVID-19 booster shot(s), and change the world for the better.

  11. And THAT is why we have Inherent Rights such as the Second…

  12. conrad ziefle says:

    Check out Dr. John Campbell. It appears that WHO has unilaterally declared themselves to be in charge of all health care worldwide, and answerable to no one.
    We need to get conservatives in power and immediately divorce ourselves from any international body, except for possibly arresting a bunch of them.

  13. Dayna says:

    These proponents of depopulation never explain HOW this is going to happen, just that it should, and we all should just go along with whatever the elites decide for us.

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