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Back To The 1930s

Just like in Germany 85 years ago, Harvard blames Jews for atrocities committed against them. (20+) Facebook 25 Sep 1940, 4 – Calgary Herald at Newspapers.com

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Unelected And Not Wholesome

In 1966 Time Magazine made some predictions about the future, which contained several important errors. “How to use leisure meaningfully will be a major problem, and Herman Kahn foresees a pleasure-oriented society full of “wholesome degeneracy.” “There are some who … Continue reading

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The End Of Penguins

One of these pictures shows Antarctic sea ice extent on October 8, 2023 and the other shows the same for October 8, 1986. According to climate experts, one is normal and the other is a Penguin killing crisis.  Which one … Continue reading

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