BBC Disappointed That People Want To Survive

BBC News wonders why billions of people who depend on fossil fuels for their day-to-day survival, haven’t given them up in deference to the climate scam at the core of the BBC agenda.

“Almost every country in the world has made a commitment to limit the rise in global warming to 1.5 degrees. The experts say that will only happen if we stop searching for new fossil fuels. So why is oil, coal and gas exploration still booming? As world leaders prepare for a landmark climate conference in Dubai, reporter Richard Bilton investigates why we are still looking for buried carbon in almost every part of the globe.”

BBC World News – Panorama, Why are we Still Searching for Fossil Fuels?

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15 Responses to BBC Disappointed That People Want To Survive

  1. arn says:

    Why is fossil fuel exploration still booming?

    Because – renewable scam.

    It is very well known that renewables can only exist with subsidies and fossil fuels.
    They can not exist on their own- and only as long as they can exploit existing infrastructure(=typical commie problem).

    It is impossible to mine and built renewables on a significant scale without fossil fuels.
    Besides population growth and Chinas massive increase in coal fired power plants
    the massive artificial increase in demand for Lithium and all the other funny stuff
    necessary for the green dream.

    A shift of investment towards nuclear energy may have resulted in less fossil fuel exploration,
    but this ain’t happening as they are not interested in reliable energy supply on a large scale,as literally every single western country is ignoring this obvious option(just as they ignore closing their borders)
    – which is either a negative miracle or prove that those countries have no sovereignty.

    • Disillusioned says:

      IOW, renewables aren’t ‘sustainable’.
      Oh, the ironing.

    • Francis Barnett says:

      “but this ain’t happening as they [China] are not interested in reliable energy supply on a large scale,as literally every single western country is ignoring this obvious option(just as they ignore closing their borders)”

      You are probably not aware that here in France a large proportion of electricity generation is from nuclear stations – this morning the nukes are making just under 70% of about 58 Gw total demand and the other reliable source of power is hydro at about 17.5%. (

      • arn says:

        Oh – I am aware.

        France and Finland rely mostly on nuclear.
        But this was already the case way before go renewable lunacy (or have they built a single nuclear plant during the last decade?)

        But overall I don’t see them built in the west right now though they should be (major) part of net zero sollution.

        Btw- with THEY I did not mean China ,but the elites.
        Those who are pushing for carbon neutrality – and they ignore the only real alternative (nuclear ) on purpose.

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    Just as it took only one social media platform to stand up to the international MarxoNazis, it only takes one nation to stand up to them. Any nation that tosses the EU and WEF mandates aside and goes full on capitalism will soon dominate the economy and then the world stage. It will encourage others to do the same.

    • David M Kitting says:

      2 words:
      Argen Tina.

    • David M Kitting says:

      2 words:
      Argen tina

    • I suspect the objective is to crash the value of industrial concerns and farms, so they can be bought up with pennies in the pound. Once the WEF and its cronies have gained control of the means of production, the climate crisis will be quietly forgotten.

      It is essential for China to be unaffected by this nonsense, to ensure the economic pressure which is needed to drive Western enterprises under. It also presents the CCP as a useful scapegoat, drawing attention away from the real perpetrators, who are much closer to home.

  3. chimera says:

    this is so easily disproven it’s embarrassing. “why won’t people switch to cleaner energy” it’s literally because clean energy isn’t accessible yet. i don’t drive an electric car because a tesla costs almost 5 times what my current car cost. i don’t live in a fancy new home with solar panels and electric stoves because they cost more money than i could ever hope to make. the average layman will move away from coal, oil, and gas when coal, oil, and gas companies stop having such a chokehold on our daily lives, and as newer technology becomes cheaper and easier to attain.

  4. Gregg says:

    Aren’t fossil fuels renewable?

  5. John Francis says:

    my off grid, solar / wind power only costs 15.00 approximately.
    I use it once a week if the sun is out ,when doing the laundry.
    clothes line ; poles and clothespins.
    that’s it.

    • Disillusioned says:

      I have a few of my mother’s clothespins from childhood. The wood is turning gray, like my hair. Thanks for the memories.

  6. The real issue is why is anybody still listening to the BBC?

  7. john says:

    The irony, hypocrisy, hubris, corruption, lack of critical thinking, lying and propaganda is making my head explode.

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