Paid To Produce Gibberish

`Have you guessed the riddle yet?? the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.
`No, I give it up,? Alice replied: `what’s the answer?? `
I haven’t the slightest idea,? said the Hatter.

Do climate academics actually believe the nonsense they write?

Aerosols overtake greenhouse gases causing a warmer climate and more weather extremes toward carbon neutrality | Nature Communications

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5 Responses to Paid To Produce Gibberish

  1. arn says:

    Now that’s the comeback of the century
    as Aerosols were blamed for the Ice Age of the 70ies
    and then forgotten when global cooling was replaced by global warming.
    Never waste a good lie.

    Climate science is approaching full circle.

  2. rah says:

    Hmmm. Notice the names of the authors.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Bingo and BOOM!

  4. Handle crank a model and simply believe the results. No attempt to explain why the results are what they are, what the cause-effect relationships implicit in them are, or indeed whether they are merely artifacts of the algorithm behaviour. Typical climate pseudo-science. To err is human, but to really screw up, you need a computer.

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