CNN Mathematics

When the climate doesn’t cooperate with their predictions, academics and the press rewrite history.

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  1. conrad ziefle says:

    At the end of your video, YouTube pops up a bunch of related videos which one can click on. One of them says retreating ice reveals Viking artifacts. Hum, does that make anyone wonder what the place was like in Viking times? Or do they believe that those crafty Vikings bury their artifacts in ice, knowing that someday it would melt and reveal them? If so, maybe those Viking were better climate scientists than our modern ones.

  2. Roy Johnston says:

    It is difficult for a layman to confirm anything climate related because search engines direct you where they want you to go. Glacier trends is an example. References say a few are increasing but most are shrinking. Is there an accessible database that is publicly accessible. How do you address the charge of cherry picking?

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