“Deniers going crazy”

Recycling global cooling diagrams from fifty years ago to explain global warming.

“Deniers going crazy at cold in Europe saying Global Warming does not exist Reality Global warming has weakened Polar Vortex which can create a weak jet stream pattern, unlocking cold air, normally confined to Arctic which can now escape from polar regions into USA and Europe”

6:32 PM · Dec 2, 2023


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10 Responses to “Deniers going crazy”

  1. conrad ziefle says:

    And my mommy told me to put my tooth under the pillow.

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    I’m also curious why warm air moves north? Is it because north is at the top of the page, and warm air rises? It only flows north occasional, even though global warming, in theory, is continuous? Did Greta explain this to him? I have a lot of questions which I don’t think he can answer.

  3. rah says:

    For over a month Joe Bastardi has been talking about a strat warming event over the Arctic that will push a sustained blast of Arctic air deep into the lower 48 in January. That is when winter will get nasty for many of us.

  4. Jack the Insider says:

    The BOM here in Aussie have for months been spreading fear of catastrophic heat and drought for this summer from El-Nino. The news has of course been spread incessantly by local media to maximise the panic, so much so that farmers have been following the advice by destocking and not planting crops. But since the fear porn began, all it has done is rain across the Eastern half of the continent. Farmers are up in arms for being duded (again).

  5. So the polar vortex counters the greenhouse effect does it? Is that the claim? Then we have nothing to worry about! Global temperatures are falling, regardless what the polar vortex is doing.

  6. In the old days, dontcha know, winter and cold air overhead materialized without any equatorward transport of air. This was a process known as [b]magic[/b] that sadly ended with Al Gore’s birth.

  7. rah says:

    -58 deg. F in Moscow.

  8. The fanatical Marxist sees dialectic materialism manifest in every headline, so the climate alarmist sees evidence of ‘global warming’ in every weather event. The ‘science’ is irrefutable, even in principle. According to Karl Popper, if it is fundamentally irrefutable, it isn’t science. All scientific theories are, in principle, falsifiable. This is not the case with ‘climate science’, where all refutation can be interpreted as corroborative evidence. It follows that ‘climate science’ is not science at all. It is a cult.

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