“Experts Say”

“Country Faces an Overpopulation by 1975, With Farms Unable to Feed All, Experts Say”

TimesMachine: March 16, 1952 – NYTimes.com

h/t Alex Epstein

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  1. Gamecock says:

    During that time period, George Carlin noted the claims.

    Went something like:

    “People claim that by 20XX [I don’t remember the exact date], there will be 8 billion people, then declare, ‘We can’t feed 8 billion people!’ Well, if we can’t feed 8 billion people, there won’t be 8 billion people.”

    It was like Carlin had x-ray glasses that let him see through the BS.

  2. A daresay Malthus believed the world would be over populated by 1820. It has been the eugenicist clarion call over the centuries. The only time population starved has been when the eugenicists were in charge and put their crackpot theory into practice. Unlike the Malthusian psychopaths, most people create and invent, making larger and healthier populations possible, not bound by the ‘carrying capacity’ which limits rat, or fruit fly populations. This creativity must be stopped in order to affirm the Malthusian conjecture, so energy and food production must be stopped. This is fundamentally why no opposition to the climate hoax myth is tolerated.

    • The Malthusian myth is most prevalent among the parasitic caste in society, who are not only net consumers, but extremely voracious consumers of other peoples’ production. It is easy to see how the idea of humans as net consumers of the Earth’s resources can take hold among this coterie. The reality is the vast majority, the majority these parasites wish to cull, are net producers, who are not limited by ‘natural resources’ but are well able to exploit whatever resources are available, with ever greater efficiency. If a cull is needed, we all know where we should start.

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