Extraordinary Claims

Two fundamental points are emphasized [about breaking weather records]. The first is that records will always be broken. The second is that the occurrence of a record breaker is not of itself an indication of any change in causative mechanisms. In other words, unprecedented events do not presage extraordinary explanations— an admonition that could usefully be pasted above the desk of every headline writer.

—Weather (the bulletin of Britain’s Royal Meteorological Society), August 2002

Extreme Weather – Google Books

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4 Responses to Extraordinary Claims

  1. Wasn’t it Sagan who promoted the myth that the high temperature of the planet Venus is due to the ‘greenhouse effect’? Not surprising that his calculation on the ‘nuclear winter’ arising from the burning oil wells in the First Gulf War was way off. I have yet to determine how the climate crisis hoax is proportioned between incompetence, stupidity, fraud, ignorance and sycophancy. It certainly has nothing to do with science.

    • arn says:

      I still wonder how burning oil wells, even several hundreds of them could outpace what tens of millions of cars burn and release during the whole year –
      combined with the energy and particles of millions of acres burned down by wildfires those oil wells shouldnt be that significant at all.

  2. arn says:

    Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Crimes – Climate Gate.

  3. conrad ziefle says:

    Someone said Extraordinary Claims don’t need extraordinary proof, they need just proof. Extraordinary claims are what changes our understanding of the world. All of the quantum physicists made extraordinary claims, ditto Maxwell and
    Faraday, ditto Pasteur. etc.

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