Protecting Prairie Dogs

“Researchers from the University of Colorado and Kansas State University have been awarded a grant for more than $850,000 to study the impacts of climate change on prairie dogs in the Boulder area.”

CU to study impact of climate change on Boulder prairie dogs – Boulder Daily Camera

There hasn’t been any climate change in the Boulder area.  What is it that they were studying?

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11 Responses to Protecting Prairie Dogs

  1. Francis Barnett says:

    It’s called “Funding Fraud”

  2. Disillusioned says:

    The Climate Scam has proven that the proverbial men in lab coats are merely men, and as with politicians, many can be and are being bought. Big Gov says there’s a problem, and they’re going to pay me handsomely to produce studies with the desired results. Wink wink, nod nod.

    The Hegelian Dialectic – create the problems, induce reactions and create the solutions which always require need for bigger government.

    • DD More says:

      Say No More

      “$850,000 to study the impacts of climate change on prairie dogs ”

      Just to say they were bored to death from the unchanging weather.

  3. conrad ziefle says:

    This whole funding thing is self-sustaining. There needs to be an independent allocator of federal research money for anything not of military or national security importance. And I would say that for the first decade of this independent agency’s operation, anti-global warming research needs to be given precedence, maybe an 3;1 ratio advantage in funding dollars. Now, every grant seems to be required to make a declaration of holy faith in global warming to get funded. It’s like being required to start off a request for funding with a statement like: Our research will prove the wisdom of great genius fearless leader Joseph Stalin’s economic policies on the prairie rodents living on the great Eurasian Steepe.
    P.S.-Last year I walked through a prairie dog town in South Dakota that was at least a mile wide. And it spread as far as we could see perpendicular to our path.

  4. arn says:

    Funny note – Since this absolutely necessary study
    Boulder has suffered from a massive prairie dog plague.

    And the question is – how can any climate related impact be measured (ignoring that this is anyway impossible) in an environment that has been and still is heavily manipulated by human activities, be it hunting,environmental protection/destruction,increase in car traffic/roadkills etc etc.
    There is literally no uncompromised/natural data.

  5. Glen Artney says:

    It’s easier than working for a living. The final sentence of their report:
    “It’s worse than we thought aand more research (by us) is needed before it’s too late.”

  6. dm says:

    If ecologists really want to protect prairie dogs, they should ban converting prairie dog habitat into solar panel plantations, parking lots, roads, sidewalks, big box stores, warehouse complexes, other sprawling buildings, illegal immigrant detention facilities and homeless encampments.

    • D W S says:

      To your point, that grant money would be better spent studying the impacts of solar farms and wind farms on the local flora and fauna. I expect the true results would not be to the liking of the climate cult.

      • arn says:

        I doubt that it is allowed studing solar and wind farms and getting negative results.

        Hasn’t former heavyweight darling made a documentary about negative impacts of green energy
        and was cancelled in return (I haven’t watched it but I remember that he was boycotted and criticised all over the realm of tolerance)

  7. Peter Carroll says:

    Aw heck folks! I can tell y’all the result now.
    Prairie dogs will be adversely affected by climate change.
    (If it actually changes, which it hasn’t).

  8. Disillusioned says:

    Five years earlier in 2006, grant recipient Kansas State University, was concerned about Prairie Dog control.
    A search for the terms, ‘climate’ and ‘climate change’ in the paper turned up zero hits. “Phrase not found.”

    Two years after the grant, in 2013, KSU published:'s/ch15%20Seastedt%20et%20al.%202013.pdf
    A Ctrl F search for ‘climate’ turned up 22 matches. ‘Climate Change’ has 12 matches.
    – “Money”
    Pink Floyd, “The Dark Side of the Moon”

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