Scientific Priorities

The climate of Boulder, Colorado hasn’t changed for at least 70 years, but the University of Colorado was awarded almost one million dollars to study the effects of climate change on prairie dogs.


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  1. Bob G says:

    I live near St Cloud Minnesota and the temp records go back to the 1880s and we haven’t seen any climate change since 1900. we’re on the verge of having our warmest December ever. why so warm? because we don’t have any snow on the ground. last year at this time we’d already received 33 in of snow. if you look at the top 10 warmest Decembers where I live there is no trend they’re scattered all over the place for the past 140 years

  2. Robertvd says:

    One million dollars buys less and less these days.

    But you can print all you need to buy/corrupt the system.

    Of course at the end it will kill the system

    Happy New Year

  3. Rah says:

    BTW Tony. Here is wishing you two, Toto and your whole family of pups a happy and healthy 2024!

  4. Allan Shelton says:

    Happy New Year Tony and to your entire family.
    You have the best, most comprehensive and accurate website about climate change on the internet.
    Thank you so much for all your excellent postings.

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