1925 Hurricane In Holland

“Three provinces of Holland, Brabant, Gelderland and Overysl, are digging out of the ruins wrought by a hurricane that swept in from the sea, laying waste wide areas, killing many, and injuring more than 500.”

04 Sep 1925, 5 – Miami Union at Newspapers.com

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4 Responses to 1925 Hurricane In Holland

  1. arn says:

    Seems the Netherlands got all the rain the Amazonas was missing that year.

    Considering co2 levels were perfect – what do they think was to blame for the imperfect climate 99 % years ago?
    Today it’s always co2.

  2. Robertvd says:


    De stormramp van 1925, ook bekend als cycloon van Borculo[1] of stormramp van Borculo,[2] betreft het noodweer dat in Nederland in de namiddag en vroege avond van 10 augustus 1925 van zuidwest naar noordoost over Brabant, via Nijmegen en de Achterhoek naar Twente en uiteindelijk Duitsland trok.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    In studying my family history, I got into these storms on the North Sea, and in particular their impact on the lands that border the Wadden Sea, where the sea is a few inches below the land and the land is a few inches above the sea. Much of this land was recovered from the sea by building dikes and draining areas, even as far back as the Stone Age, and periodically the sea reclaims the land. On October 11-12 of 1634 a piece of the mainland was wiped away, taking with it about 15,000 lives, their homes, their livestock, and leaving only the island of Pellworm. It also happened in 1362 and that one was called the Grote Manndränke, or Great Man Killer. This happened periodically, one in 1532, and in 300 AD the whole area was wiped out and uninhabited for several hundred years.

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