Celebrating Corruption

Science Magazine celebrating corruption in both science and the legal system.

Passion is not misconduct | Science

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14 Responses to Celebrating Corruption

  1. Laurie says:

    “What is truth…?”

  2. Bob G says:

    in DC, taking some cheap shots at a public person, is a no no unless it’s Donald Trump. As for Trump, here’s a short list of cheap shots you’re allowed to take on him. Trump is a Nazi, a Russian agent (he plays both sides on that one haha) a racist, a liar (20,000 times), a rapist, a crook, a tax evader, a cheater at golf and on his wife too, he habitually commits business fraud and he had prostitutes pee on him in Moscow… and that’s just scraping the surface. Steyn will win on appeal as Will trump

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Thou shalt not question nor ridicule the works and authority of the Supreme Creator of The Holey Hokey Schtick.

  4. dm says:

    Simberg & Steyn were tried by a jury of kangaroos, not their peers.

    Correcting a false statement by Science, and Mann, is essential. Both wrongly claim Mann was likened to Coach Sandusky by Simberg & Steyn. The truth is Simberg & Steyn compared Penn State’s investigation of the hockey shtick to the corrupted investigation of Sandusky. S & S, during the trial, presented very convincing cases the PSU investigationsss were, in fact, whitewashes.

    Mann failed to even try to show how S&S comments about the PSU investigation harmed him financially or emotionally. He merely asserted he suffered. How badly he failed is demonstrated by the fact the jury awarded him just $1 in compensatory damages. ONE DOLLAR is correct.

    The $1 million punitive award illustrates the jury’s kangaroo mindset. It BREAKS the ratio rule. Depending upon the court, punitive awards can be up to 10x the compensatory award. The Mann jury ratio is 1,000,000x.

    The fact the judge did not IMMEDIATELY SET ASIDE the ridiculous punitive award is one clue about how he tipped the scales of justice. Another is his failure to THROW OUT the case after Mann’s lawyers were caught KNOWINGLY PRESENTING FALSEHOODS to the jury and again when it was pointed out Mann’s lawyers had failed to link claimed damages to comments by Simberg & Steyn.

    The trial was a travesty;-(

    • arn says:

      The ratio rule was already broken with Alex Jones when he was fined 1.5 billion , despite the fact that only some dozen people are able to pay the fine or that way way worse crimes have been committed with way lower financial compensation( going by this a Biden / Clinton trial can only end with a 900 trillion dollar fine).

      And the most cynical thing is
      that those who have been name calling and shaming others are presented as victims.
      (once again a perversion on a George Floyd level)

  5. arn says:

    Winning a ‘POLITICALLY’ sensitive court case in DC
    is like
    Winning trying to prove the Qur’an wrong in Mekka.
    The heretic is turned into Jan 6th,rest is history.

  6. Russell Cook says:

    If somebody hasn’t come up with it already, we need a meme illustration of Science Magazine to read “Anti-Science” or “Propaganda Science” or Orwellian Science.” This is the same rag that published Naomi Oreskes’ 928-to-zero 100% science consensus study (a non-peer reviewed opinion piece) back in 2004, and I later learned that the late Donald Kennedy editor had asked her to elaborate over the matter (so she claims after the 7:47 point here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15iPIG3YJbo&t=466s ). He should have instead castigated her over her anti-science notion, of course ….. but that assumes what she describes in the above audio interview actually happened. As I detail at greater length about what she described ( http://gelbspanfiles.com/?p=6007 ), I think that whole story is an outright fabrication. So the ultimate question isn’t merely to ask why Oreskes’ 100% consensus study is garbage, it is why she is involved in this issue in any manner whatsoever, when her story about her arrival into investigating the ‘merchants of doubt’ has every appearance in the world of being fake.

  7. Caleb Shaw says:

    Because I run a Farm-Childcare, I deal with the “passion” of children every day. It often can take the form of a tantrum. For small children it is part of the process of “testing the limits.” Even a small child will experiment with bullying, to see if they can push about a much larger grown-up. However such behavior is not desirable in the field of research.

    I discuss the absurdity of cancel-culture in climate science here:


  8. czechlist says:

    “Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.”
    Carl Sagan
    over 25 years and still waiting and waiting and waiting…for it.
    outwaited Dr Ball (RIP)..
    Avg Temperature 55.2 in 1952

  9. Richard E Fritz says:

    Mann is such a lying POS- he lost in Canada over similar lawsuit – thank GOD for Willie Soon, Judith Curry and others standing up to the mob

  10. arn says:

    As it is very on topic in terms of current US laws –

    a former US president has just been sentenced to pay 350 mio (for not going to war ,I guess).
    Seems to be integral part of globalist strategies .

  11. Conrad Ziefle says:

    How is it he was able to force the trial to be in DC? Maybe the trick here is for Simberg & Steyn to file against Mann in, say Wyoming, for something that he said that I am sure they could find. The current court system is total injustice and a travesty.

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