Climate Deniers In Wyoming

“state senators hear from climate change deniers”

“last year, Gov. Mark Gordon, who serves as this year’s chairman of the bipartisan Western Governors’ Association, announced his “Decarbonizing the West” initiative”

“There is no challenge I can see that is more important for us to address responsibly, thoughtfully, and, most importantly, honestly, than climate change, and that is what this initiative is about,”

State senators hear from climate change deniers | Local News |

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9 Responses to Climate Deniers In Wyoming

  1. Trevor says:

    In Canada, our third largest political party has introduced a bill that would make even “speaking well” of fossil fuels punishable with prison time. It’s cuckoo time here.

  2. Russell Cook says:

    Dr Happer doesn’t deny that climate change happens; nobody on our side does. He certainly does dispute that consensus opinion ‘validates’ any given science-based conclusion; everybody who is a critical thinker should. A show of hands, a popular vote, NEVER validates anything in the realm of science.

    The only actual deniers of climate change are the environmentalist wackos who are demanding that we hang a virtual thermostat in the sky to set the climate at a never-changing level arbitrarily chosen from 150 years ago.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Usually, people believe that the “normal climate” is what they experienced when they were less than 12 years old. Any deviation from that is wrong in their minds. We know climates change, but first what is climate? A twenty-year record? A general state of being, a mean, that lasted roughly 100 years? The dust bowl might have been viewed as climate change, but in retrospect, one might view it as a statistically unusual deviation from the mean, and that we returned to the mean within a decade.

    • roaddog says:

      Exactly what I have concluded. The climate cupcakes generally believe the optimal climate to have existed during their teen years, some summer when they were off on vacation from school.

  4. Walter says:

    Wyoming’s yearly CO2 emissions are a rounding error when compared to Chinas yearly emissions.

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