Everyone Else Is The Problem

Michael Mann and Peter Hotez are collaborating on a book which explains that everyone else is responsible for their own corruption and incompetence.

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  1. arn says:

    If Harvey Weinstein and Angela Merkel had children

    Interesting btw that Hoetez even dares to mention biomedicine as victim of a dual anti science attack (I bet he is proud of this BS term)
    after Biomedicine created a Bioweapon,
    exploited this Bioweapon to maximize profits by ignoring law and freedoms to force injections,
    by playing a major role in forced Lockdowns and Masks which were completely useless,
    by banning an effective medicine and declaring it a horse dewormer,
    by declaring something a vaccine that is not a vaccine
    and releasing it without testing 10 years before time.

    Science under Siege or
    how the 2 biggest global scams are being protected by the worlds 2 biggest assholes.(Sorry Paul Ehrlich , but you are no longer no. 1)

  2. Russell Cook says:

    Clima-Changeā„¢ causes exponentially increasing amounts of psychological projection from far leftist-zealots. When they accuse our side of assaulting science, it is THIER side committing that act.

  3. Forwarded by Trofim Lysenko.

  4. Scott Allen says:

    It is a common defense of the guilty to claim that pointing out the flaws/misinformation that they comit is an attack on ALL science

    Its one of the most common of the logical fallacies The appeal to Authority Fallacy ie if someone attacks me they are attacking all science.

  5. Oztruthseeker says:

    Isn’t it Mann and Co who are the actual anti-science people? Science by its very nature can never be settled so anyone saying it is is not being scientific. Likewise science demands debate and the free expression of differing and opposing views so when differing opinions and debate are supressed that is not science either. As plenty of people have pointed out Manmade Climate change alarmism is nothing but a religious cult.

  6. JB says:

    i;m so pissed…. steyn lost in court. what a disgrace america is

  7. Bob G says:

    update. Michael Mann wins a million dollars from Mark Steyn. that’s a DC court for you. I’m not going to condemn DC for being corrupt I think they’re just that dumb….. they suckered for manns attorneys lying BS. I believe Marks from New Hampshire and mann is from Pennsylvania so why is this trial held in DC? I used to like powerline blog but they’ve gone Bud light. their top guy is a never Trumper. they refused to examine all the election fraud in 2020. their top guy attended the trial and thought it was a slam dunk for Mark. how naive.

    • Jack the Insider says:

      The fix was in from the start. Every day of the 3-week trial the jury was late to arrive which caused the overall trial to be extended 2 to 3 days longer than it should have to hear all the testimony. Why does this matter?

      Because Mann was not paying a cent for the trial whether it took 1 day or 10 weeks to complete. He had bugger all witnesses to prove his case so bugger all costs for keeping his witnesses hoteled and fed and paid for their services. Whatever costs that were racked up by his side were being paid by the machinery of the woke Left.

      On the other hand, Steyn and co-defendant Rand Simberg had a plethora of witnesses to prove what a complete fraud and arse-wipe is Mann. Their running costs would have therefore been substantial and hurt badly by time delays to the trial.

      There can only be one reason the jury was not castigated for being late every day. They were fully aware of the impact it had and on whose side. The judiciary was equally complicit in this matter for not calling it out.

      At the end of the day the jury ignored virtually all the 3 weeks of testimony and only listened to the last 2 minutes of Mann’s Lawyers’ summation. That all the evidence be ignored and that punitive damages be awarded to stop the rise of nasty climate change deniers.

      There is no doubt this case will be thrown out by a higher court on appeal, but by then the MSM will have moved on and they will make sure this correction is not made known.

      • conrad ziefle says:

        How many of the jury ever demonstrated an ability to think logically or understand any scientific principle? It calls into question the idea of being tried by your peers. If a person can’t think rationally, then how are they to understand something that is based entirely on rational thought?

    • Since when were lawyers arbiters of legitimate science? Would you cross over a bridge ‘proved’ safe by means of court proceedings? What chance of a ship floating (at least upright), or an aircraft flying? Using the same techniques as convicted people of witchcraft does not lead to sound science.

    • arn says:

      If this trial was held in DC , full of affirmative action and woke guys,
      full of Lobbyists, Rinos and democrats who all absolutely believe and push
      AGW – than the outcome was set in stone from the very beginning.
      And they do not even have to bribe.

      The only worse place would NY .
      Just like the Trump trial that wouldn’t even have happened in a Banana republic and that resulted in 80 Mio,
      or Alex Jones 1.5 bio fine.

      The results are as fixed as the elections.

      • Trial by jury is supposed to be trial by one’s peers. In a case where scientific evidence is to be weighed, only people with at least a first degree in a STEM subject should be considered the accused ‘peers’.

  8. rah says:

    Some of the smelliest and sloppiest people I’ve ever met in the US were professors and grad students. Around IU the absent minded professor look was like a badge for some of the liberal arts and science types. Wrinkled cloths, needing a haircut and trimming of other hairs, BO etc.

    • Disillusioned says:

      If only they were absent-minded and humble. Along with that badge usually came brooding attitudes, an air of superiority, curt responses if/when addressed and very little, if no sense of humor.

  9. Walter says:

    When Harry Met Lloyd.

  10. Dave A says:

    The photo is awesome.
    The book title is the best caption anyone could possibly give it.

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