February 19, 1888 Illinois Tornado

“York Democratic Press 24 Feb 1888, Fri -Page 2 BY CYCLONE AND FLAME.—Tho Town of Vernon, Ils,, Nearly Wiped Out.
Tho Loss of Life Estimated at Fully : Forty-Eight.

Whole Families Buried Beneath the Ruins of Their Desolated Homes—Tho Tornado Strikes the Eastern Portion of thee Town and Buildings Are Blown Into Kindlings,

Mount Vernon, IL., Feb. 20.—This city Was visited by a terrible tornado about 4:45 p.m, yesterday. It had been thundering and raining for some time, when suddenly a low rumbling noise was heard and a black dense cloud that seemed to touch the earth swept over the city, and it became very dark. As soon as the cloud passed the sky brightened an people realized the shock and loss they lad sustained. Hundreds of houses were blown down, and ‘many people were crushed in the ruins. It is impossible to estimate the loss at this time. At least half of the town ix in ruins,”

24 Feb 1888, 2 – York Democratic Press at Newspapers.com

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