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I was talking about climate on the Jimmy Dore show yesterday.

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  1. Jack the Insider says:

    Jimmy Dore is helping uncover the nonsense going on in the world. I’m glad he occasionally let you get a word in.

  2. arn says:

    May I add some points that need a bit more exposure in such interviews.

    The ice age scare and all the existing expert articles (I always mention to click the 1970s cooling scare in the black banner of your website),
    and the fact that global warming and ice age scare literally startet as US monopol,
    as, just with almost all failed expert doomsday predictions(at extinctionclock.org) the origin is the country that brings all the wars.

    Seems that all 200 other countries have imbeciles as experts and only US/UK are able to kickstart doom.That’s some interesting anomaly people should be aware of.

    Another thing is simply to point out that in terms of sea level rise – the coast lines have not changed during last 50,70 years.
    And of millions of displaced coast-people we have millions of millionaire buying front beach properties around the globe.

    And to never forget to point at climate gate and the fact that all Oscar -Nobel Prize Al Gore predictions turned out to be a failure (why did he got an award then?)

    And for those who are scared of global warming and wont drop this religion it is very important to know by how much the population numbers skyrocketed
    in China and Europe during the Medieval Warm Period.
    It was literally the cambrian explosion for human life on earth.

    And part of every speach should also be to point out the tiny fact
    that the SuperYachts and Private Jets of those front beach property owning billionaires who are pushing for the carbon tax and AGW s are excempt from Carbon Tax.

    Yes – the most exclusive toys of billionaires , the by far biggest carbon emitters a single person can own are not being taxed at all.

  3. Margaret Smith says:

    Electric cars are not doing so well so Musk needs believers. If he believes in free speech, he must act on THAT belief and not reinforce BS that he must know is BS (he’s not stupid). Well done Tony!

    • arn says:

      Free speech also means that Musk can talk crap and lie to sell cars –
      or sell the main globalist / club of rome tool the AGW was created for = a global carbon tax(which is indeed an indicator that he was given some serious messages from the big club members).

      As long as Twitter is allowing the flow of informations Musk can try to sell inferior battery technology that is 70 years away from the capacity to replace combustion engines.
      (and if Musk deliver stuff that can so easily be debunked, he is welcomed to talk more of this stuff)

  4. Nicholas McGinley says:

    How long ago did Elon make that video?
    Because it sounds like the talking points from about 10 or 15 years ago.

  5. dm says:

    So China and India can increase their carbon emissions at will, poor Africans can not!!

    Tony, good job maintaining your concentration and adapting to huge shifts in the playing field thru out the appearance with Mr. Dore.

  6. Heywood J. Blomee says:

    Been following this site for awhile now, years, and had to disown non scientific friends who are easily swayed by the propaganda and b.s., over this ‘climb up on it and gimme all yer change’ crap.

    it’s just crap. but it gives morons a cause to rally around as they delude themselves into thinking mankind has the power to significantly alter the earth’s climate by any appreciable amount. that being said, they think a ‘nuclear winter’ is balderdash and some even suggest nuclear weapons are ‘fake’ and figments of our imaginations.

    as I.Q.’s in the world generally, moreso here in Amerdekkkuhhh seem to be on a downhill slope and I mean drastically sloping off, propagandizing works when all of the MSM spewers of b.s. go unchallenged.

    Thanks Tony for all you do. and same to Jimmy Dore. Least a little flickering light of actual ‘reason’ seems to exist at a time when almost nobody knows what ‘reason’ and real ‘logic’ even is.

  7. conrad ziefle says:

    There is nothing that exposes a person more than when they begin to discuss something that you have taken a lot of time to become well-informed about. Musk is pretty much representative of many highly influential people, congresspersons and billionaires. They tend to delve into a topic to a limited extent, believing that they are brilliant and can quickly arrive at the truth from a minimum of facts, time spent, and experts consulted. Their analysis is often simple and superficial and devoid of critical information. I’m willing to bet that Elon did not consult with Lindzen, Clauser, or Heller, and he could have.
    He only needed to look at one graph to see the error of his thinking- the one that shows the decline of atmospheric CO2 over the last 500 million years. Any biologist or geologist, if honest, would have to admit that CO2 diminishes permanently due to biological processes. It is not continually recycled. It had a near linear decline, then rebounded for a short period ( why?) , then was in another linear decline and got to critically low levels until we started to replenish it by burning fossil fuels.

  8. conrad ziefle says:

    And I hate people who use carbon when talking about CO2, or hydrocarbons. Please act like they know something about chemistry and use the correct terms.

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