Not A Science Agency

NASA chooses to ignore 540 million years of earth history, and instead promote superstitions about fossil fuels.

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  1. Like all bureaucracies, NASA is governed by Parkinson’s law. As it expands, the number of bureaucrats increases, and the number of scientists decreases. Most of the workload is the administration of administrators, which is hampered by the presence of scientists. It is a pity so few people are familiar with the works of C Northcott Parkinson nowadays.

  2. There is a similar problem in defence procurement. In the past an innovation might be assessed for its potential in the battlefield. Nowadays all requirements must flow down from the decrees of generals, resulting in equipment which is obsolete by the time it enters service. The military are surprised at the effectiveness of drones in the current Ukraine, a possibility well known to the lowliest assistant scientific officer back in 1985. But what do scientists know?

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