The 50 PPM Rule For Data Tampering

For each 50 PPM increase in CO2, NOAA adds an additional one degree of imaginary warming to the US temperature record. They are altering the data to match their failed theory.

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3 Responses to The 50 PPM Rule For Data Tampering

  1. arn says:

    I did some woke math using the 50 ppm.

    If 50 ppm = 1 degree, then 500 ppm = 10 degrees, then 5000 ppm = 100 degrees,
    therefore the average global temperatures half a billion years ago should have been around 140+ degrees Celsius.
    The Cambrian Equation.

    Btw – a 50 ppm rule makes sense.
    It is pretty hard to coordinate all the locusts on a global scale.
    Tons of contradictions are the result,
    as they want to outdo each other with doomBS
    but with an unwritten law, a rule like this
    there is some kind of reference point within the realm of lies.
    A bit more of structure.

  2. Reginald G Hargett says:

    I have a mercury thermometer on my back porch. It routinely measures 5 to 10° colder than is shown on my phone. I live in a rural area in central Virginia and the closest actual measured temperature is in Charlottesville. I simply do not trust the official temperature data anymore.

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