“Wanted: Scientific Errors. Cash Reward”

“Wanted: Scientific Errors. Cash Reward.
FEBRUARY 21, 2024

“Scientific-misconduct accusations are leading to retractions of high-profile papers, forcing reckonings within fields and ending professorships, even presidencies. But there’s no telling how widespread errors are in research: As it is, they’re largely brought to light by unpaid volunteers.

A program launching this month is hoping to shake up that incentive structure. Backed by 250,000 Swiss francs, or roughly $285,000, in funding from the University of Bern, in Switzerland, it will pay reviewers to root out mistakes in influential papers, beginning with a handful in psychology. The more errors found, and the more severe they are, the more the sleuths stand to make.”

Wanted: Scientific Errors. Cash Reward. By  Stephanie M. Lee FEBRUARY 21, 2024

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15 Responses to “Wanted: Scientific Errors. Cash Reward”

  1. arn says:

    Here may be a promising to get some of the money.

    The very scientific WHO recently claimed that disease X outbreak is just a matter of when, not if.

    Was this a threat or is it based on studies full of errors to get a globalist result?

  2. Scott Allen says:

    about time.

    10,000 research papers retracted last year…..a new record.

  3. If ‘error’ is defined as disagreeing with the narrative, this is no more than an attempt to get rid of the few papers which weren’t filtered out by the corrupt pal review.

    • Contravention of the laws of thermodynamics apparently isn’t an ‘error’ when talking about climate science.

      • arn says:

        Viewing people as cattle is at the very core of Marxism – as you do not try to create the new human being if you do not disrispect all of humanities cultural achievements and their individuality.
        The new human being was always cattle.

        But the most interesting thing about the Fabian Society is,
        that all this does not make any sense.
        Some famous guys suffering from intellectualities may create a club and meet regularly,
        but every single one of them knows from the beginning that
        transforming the world on a global level is absolutely impossible Megalomania.
        You do not have the reach,the structure,the power, the money to even consider such a plan a possibility,

        YET all these very skilled smart guys absolutely ignored this fact and were cocksure to succeed.

        So , how was this even possible to consider?
        Especially when there were on top of all 3 massive empiress in the way?(Russia, China, Otomans).
        As we all know ,since the creation of the Fabian Society (which was created around the same time another ambitious group went public)
        all 3 Empiress stopped to exist/were transformed within a few years and 2 very globalist friendly World Wars (nowadays known as AGW and Covid came into existence).

        But back to the Fabians – only 2 western institutions existed at that time that could succeed in transforming humanity on a global scale.
        The church and the East India Company(Nowadays known as US & UK) which has created an empire where the sun never sets and which was involved in most of global conflicts throughout the century.
        And the church had zero interest in created a Marxist human (at least not until BilderBergoglio became Pope)

        So if a group of intellectuals meet they would never come up with such globalist nonsense, except that this group itself was created by very rich and powerful people
        who have all the money and structure and who are very good at creating global monopols.
        So the Fabian Society is nothing more than an accomplice(a RAND corporation or PNAC on steroids), than the real power behind the curtain.

    • Disillusioned says:

      The image of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, or the wolf who dresses like grandma, came to mind.

      • arn says:

        Why do you think that the Fabian Society(a bunch of communists pretending to be socialists according to Orwell) has chosen this as their symbol.

        And Bertrand Russell predicted that they will change human behaviorby the means and use of psychology and biochemistry (vaccines?) and that nationalism will become a taboo and that they will indoctrinate the population to atrack those with national tendencies.

      • arn says:


        Didn’t knew about Shaw being so impressed by the Russian Revolution, which is interesting, as Bertrand Russel is said to have been shocked by the sheer destruction caused by communism in the USSR.
        (my guess is that the USSR, just like Newsome in California, cleaned all the mess up before Shaw arrived,
        and showed him only some cherrypicked stuff)

        It is probably no coincidence that the Fabian society emerged
        in Karl Marx new hometown(just as any new shit originates either from NY and London),
        or that top communist Gramsci literally had the same MO as the Fabians (this is also where this ideology ,whatever the name, exposes itself as absolutely abnormal and unnatural as it needs the max levels of infiltration,manipulation and control to succeed – and therefore will always end in desaster and tyranny.
        It is also interesting that there must be some kind of widespreadmental illness amongst intellectuals to outshit each other in terms of best intentions and levels of control
        and that this illness has become the standard for liberals )

        • The Fabian Society still viewed the masses as cattle who needed to be directed by superior intellects (i.e. the Fabian Society). This appears to be the position of the WEF.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    +1 So much of it is in-your-face.

  5. Richard E Fritz says:

    Sabine Hasselbender just came out on YouTube about scientific FRAUD Papers has nearly doubled to 20K per year

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