Unreliable And Toxic

Fox News chose to turn a story about unreliable, toxic green energy into unrelated global warming propaganda.

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  1. Bill says:

    I’ve seen articles that claim that enormous solar farms actually create small areas where hail is more likely.

    In 2019, a solar farm in Texas was mostly destroyed by a hailstorm:

    “In 2019, a hailstorm at the Midway Solar project in West Texas caused the destruction of 400,000 of the plant’s 685,000 photovoltaic panels, in one of the most glaring examples of the extreme weather risk to solar energy production. According to the insurer, that short-lived hailstorm caused at least $70 million in damages to the power plant.”

    In 2022, solar panel damage from early summer hailstorms caused over $300 million in damages to solar farms.

    In June of 2023, the same thing happened in Nebraska:

    Baseball-Sized Hail Smashing Into Panels At 150 MPH Destroys Scottsbluff Solar Farm

    “Baseball-sized hail took out a 5.2-megawatt solar farm in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, on Friday, as part of a giant supercell thunderhead that moved across eastern Wyoming and into Nebraska.

    “The hail shattered most of the panels on the 5.2-megawatt solar project, sparing an odd panel like missing teeth in a white smile.”

    The only way to combat this problem is to have even more expensive solar installations that allow panels to be placed in a “hail-stow” position, which makes panels less vulnerable to hail storms.

  2. arn says:

    Imagine you live in a country with energy production below North Korean standards as result of going green.

    And a storm comes along and rips apart half of the windmills and solar panels.
    Where should the energy come from to replace those windmills and panels?
    But,Maybe this was all part of the plan.

    It is about time that green zealot states like California are being banned from buying electricity from other states to cover up the disastrous effects of going green and give them the chance to live their Utopia and reap what theu sow.

  3. Russell Cook says:

    Fox News does this even with their on-air commentators, it’s quite frustrating. I’m guessing the lack of thinking within their online content is a combo of ignorance and perhaps some degree of infiltration of low-level article writers who have an agenda to inject Bob Inglis “republicEn.org” / Benji Backer “American Conservation Coalition”-type AGW content into such articles. With the on-air folks like the pundits on “The Five,” I’d say it is a matter of just plain pure ignorance. With so much other high-level leftist trash to cover, they have little time to personally dive into how the AGW issue implodes, thus they just don’t know much about it. Give “The Ingraham Angle” credit lately for inviting Steve Milloy and Marc Morano on more often, but what FNC needs is a powerhouse behind-the-scenes advisor with carte blanche across all of the shows to explain to the celebrity speakers concisely where the faults in the issue are, who can be readily tapped at a moment’s notice by any of the show producers for killer rebuttal for whatever leftist Clima-Mayhem™ talking points that pop up. But this would not happen because the top end of Fox administrators are pro-AGW believers. Wish I could find it again – years back there was an official Fox News corporate page which declared they intended to be carbon neutral by some future date. I assume the Murdochs permit the mild amount of pushback now because FNC still makes money for them, and they don’t want to jeopardize that revenue stream.

    • arn says:

      Fox is just controlled opposition,
      as a controlled opposition can still lull people into compliance the Fabian way (only 3x slower than their standard)into following Agendas like climate,gender etc.
      Fox is also donating to LGBT and other woke stuff(and some reports even claimed to the Satanic Temple, but I haven’t looked further into it).

      And even if the controlled opposition fails in terms of slow indoctrination, it is still a success in terms of money and keeping people inside the MSM , as those who turn away from MSM never come back and help the alternative channel grow and get a way wider spectrum of informations.
      A little bit of herd control is still better than 0 control.

      The paper you are referring to is the one from 2007 where Murdoch made his News Corp the 1st MSM giant going renewable (yeah, old rupert,who was already old during the ice age scare, as GND pioneer – so don’t blame everything on his children)he also proudly announced in 2011 (quiet progressive)
      that all his UK businesses are 100% powered by renewables.

  4. arn says:

    And here is some really heavy climate stuff from WEF’s most beloved straight fagot

    “Turd ‘eau pledges $ 8.4 mio to study ‘democratic decline.”

    which is quiet a thing from Canadas first dictator after the lockdowns, forced vaccinations,treatment of Truckers and inviting a real Nazi into parliament(and lying about his involvement).
    But it gets even better.

    “Initiative will research how CLIMATE CHANGE
    interacts with democratic decline(climate change only exists to undermine and desintegrate democracy)
    and help protect the human rights of environmental defenders”

    National Post,march 25th

  5. Jack the Insider says:

    You heard it here first. It was climate change that brought the Baltimore Bridge down!

    • arn says:

      I’m pretty sure Putin has a ship license.

      • Jack the Insider says:

        I was close ……..

        Baltimore Sun features an academic warning that climate change must be factored into rebuilding Key Bridge: ‘How does this bridge withstand climate change?’

        How long will it take to rebuild the Key Bridge following its collapse?

        Excerpt: Natalie M. Scala, an associate professor at Towson University who directs the graduate program in supply chain management, said any “prudent bridge discussion” should include thinking about how the world will change over the next century, especially concerning how sea level rise could affect the port.

        “If we are smart about this, we are going to ask, ‘How does this bridge withstand climate change?’” Scala said. “When [the Key Bridge] was built, ships were not this large. What kind of engineering can be done to support the kind of shipping we do now? If we take blueprints from previous bridges and open them up, we’re not really solving the question of how we got here in the first place.”


  6. Matthew says:

    Hi Tony, what do you make of the “NonProfit” Meer.org and their worries on thermal energy.
    They purport to be genuinely worried about climate and evolved from or have fallen for the climate propaganda or maybe are just hand in glove with the scam even though nonprofit organization .

    (FAQ from their website)

    Does the concept of MEER imply that we no longer need to decrease our emissions or abandon the use of fossil fuels?

    No. It is crucial to decrease emissions and shift towards clean energy. However, due to past inactivity and denial of climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning from fossil fuels may not significantly lower Earth’s temperature enough before it becomes too late.

    Even if we quickly reduce emissions and shift to clean energy, without a plan like MEER’s to keep thermal energy out, Earth’s temperatures will rise to a point that could potentially end civilization or at least destroy much of it.

    Humanity’s survival is a top priority. MEER is here to help with immediate protection while we also work towards sustaining life on Earth for future generations. This requires reducing emissions, improving energy sources and practices, and transitioning from a competitive to a cooperative civilization that enhances life.

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