Michael Mann Again

Instead of engaging his critics who are accusing him of fraud, Michael Mann continues to behave like a child.

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  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    “The most rational response to getting blocked by Tony Heller is to start a parody blog and twitter account….” This guy is completely insane. Submit these posts, all names blacked out, to a psychiatrist and have him evaluated. Who, who is the least bit rational, would consider for more than a fraction of a second, to go through the process of setting up a special account to try to get even with someone for “blocking him?” He is obsessed, vindictive, and clearly has nothing important or valuable to do.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    That you get the fat Mann’s goat shows that you are .. over the target!

  3. Disillusioned says:

    “If you’re taking flak, you’re over the target”
    — WWII Army Air Force

    About the flak:

    “There’s only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
    — Oscar Wilde

    “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”
    — P.T. Barnum

    • rah says:

      “There’s only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
      — Oscar Wilde

      And that is exactly what I believe Mann’s problem is right now. He has lost relevancy and like a child or dog, if he can’t get good attention he’ll settle for bad attention. Anything to support his belief in how important he thinks he is.

      Oh, and BTW, to the old guard here. An explanation for my not posting here for some time.

      Since I retired about a year ago, I’ve had a lot on my plate. My daughter that lives at Daytona Beach has cancer and is going through chemo and so we have been going down there some.

      I have had added an attached over sized two car garage with a 10′ apron covered by a gable and a 4 season sun room onto the house and redone both bathrooms and the living room and all plumbing and much of the electrical. That included hanging three new solid oak interior doors and three new metal insulated outer doors and a sliding glass door.

      In the new 19′ x 12′ sun room there are five 57″ x 46″ sliding windows and a sliding glass door. All trimmed out in real oak. Base boards and crown molding are also golden oak. The floor is on a slab with best quality vinyl plank flooring.

      All the old oak trim, and base boards removed in the living room. repainted the ceiling and walls, removed the carpet and and leveled the sub floor and then put down a layer of 6 mil plastic, the best quality luan, another layer of plastic and then the same vinyl planking we used in the attached sun room. We cleaned the oak trim we removed it and put a coat of satin polyurethane sealer on it and reused it. We stained and sealed all the new oak doors and casings ourselves. We added new oak crown molding. The living room trim and doors are done in a darker stain than then golden oak used in the sun room. I personally custom blended the stain to match the original on the old trim and baseboard we reused. Let me tell you that kind of thing takes the patience of Job!

      The main bathroom was completely redone with new everything except the stool which was only 2 years old and now Sherry has the jet tub she always wanted and never thought she would have. The smaller half bath had already been remodeled but is now a full bath by converting a cedar closet into a good sized shower with a tile floor and acrylic panel walls backed by cement board.

      Every room except the bathrooms and the utility/laundry/pantry room now has ceiling fans with light fixtures, all with variable speed and dimming controls wired into the walls.

      I contracted for most of the work, but acted as my own GC to some extent, contracting the finish work, electrical and plumbing myself. And we did some things ourselves and am still doing some, though most of it is done in the interior, I’m doing the landscaping myself.

      The final steps of major expense to be done is running new 200 amp service underground to a new meter base and installing a 24 Kw whole house standby generator that runs of NG. A word to the wise. It is generally much cheaper to mount the generator unit close to the meter base and run the gas to it than the other way around. I already have the gas line run and before any construction began I had the gas meter moved and a new one with higher capacity installed.

      I have also had my well cleaned and incoming water has been rerouted to a new 25 gallon pressure tank in the garage. Though our well water is potable it is hard with iron oxide. Cleaning made a huge difference but I am looking into a peroxide injection system and a carbon filter that would make our well water superior to the purity standards for city water.

      • arn says:

        Best wishes and a speedy recovery for your daughter.
        Cancer has increased a lot since the mandatory jab since the forced vaccines.

        Either you did not move to Florida as planned after retirement or you bought the wrong house there if so much work has to be done 🙂

        • rah says:

          Did not plan on moving to Florida. Did plan on doing exactly what I’m doing to this paid off house we have lived in since 2001.

          We’re very happy here.

          I was limited in what I could do while driving for a living by time and circumstance.

          Thank you for he best wishes for our daughter. It is a relatively rare and aggressive from of cancer and the battle has been going on now for over a year.

        • rah says:

          The main part of the house was built in 1949. The house was adequate when we moved in, but the key was and is location, location, location! Everything I mentioned has been paid for.

          Today I made a trip to Menards and bought the materials needed to run the water from the five new 4″ gutter downspouts underground out to pop up diffusers in the yard 5 to 8′ away from the foundation. Already got leaf guard type gutters. No climbing on a ladder to clean them.

          We remodeled the kitchen, dinning room, and two bedrooms in the intervening years. Now all we have left is one bedroom to remodel that right now is serving as my office and catch all, and will be done this winter. All but three windows are newer high quality windows and I already have the new windows to replace those three. I’ll be doing that this summer.

      • arn says:

        My mistake.

        I thought it was you when I was talking with someone here about installing solar panels and batteries 2 or 3 years ago, that Florida was mentioned – or my Bidenesque English skills made me missunderstand something.

        Anyways, don’t be the one to overwork yourself AFTER starting retirement.

        • rah says:

          I’ll be 69 y/o in August. The older you get the faster you lose your endurance and strength if you don’t keep moving and active. Tony bikes and walks. I do stuff like work on the house and help my neighbor build a log cabin. Use it or lose it!

          Having spent a decade as an SF soldier humping heavy rucks, jumping out of airplanes, and stuff, I feel very fortunate that I can still do the stuff I’m doing. I see people half my age all crippled up all the time.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Sincere prayers and well-wishes for your daughter!

        I knew you were driving past 65, but didn’t know you’d been retired a year. I am the oldest employee in our company – a ’50s baby also and a just few short years behind you. I too prefer to keep exercising the mind and body as long as possible. If they’ll let me stay on part time after 70 I may continue working, but only if it is lucrative enough.

        You have always been good at telling a story. Your home project sounds great. Much of what you’ve been doing is what I want to do. Built in ’51, the house has had updates in the past but needs more. I want to enlarge or replace the garage, to build a deck off the back room addition and add sliding doors where there are windows now. Also the standby NG generator. I’m limber enough that I still get on the roof with the leaf blower every Fall, but the leaf guard type gutters is a great idea and should be added to the list.

        Thank you for the update!

        • rah says:

          Thank you very much. She was down to 98 lb. from her original 140 lb but has now gained some and last I heard was at 103 lb. At her last evaluation it was found that the main tumor had shrunk from 7 cm to 5 cm. So there is hope!

          I retired when we learned she had cancer so that Sherry and I would be available to go down to Daytona anytime the girls needed us. Otherwise I would have kept driving until October of last year.

          The first 6 weeks or so I missed driving, but now am very happy that I am retired. I have found that I am as busy as ever since retirement. Today the plan is to clean, tune up, change the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, and plugs, and change the blades on my zero turn my 50″ zero turn mower. The weather being what it is, it sure is nice to have a heated garage to do that kind of thing in.

          Sherry and I are in the preliminary stages of planning trips. We decided against buying an RV. Instead we’ll be doing stuff like taking a river cruise down the Mississippi and a scenic train ride across country and into the great NW.

          We have two dogs and a cat but I have an old buddy that retired from the family business on disability that house sits for us for $50.00 a day. Much cheaper and much better than a kennel. I just take him grocery shopping before we leave to stock up on the food he likes and he and we and our animals are good to go.

        • Disillusioned says:

          You are a wonderful father to retire early to help with your daughter. (I am not a doctor, but I encourage you to read all you can about autophagy; it is gaining attention because it seems to stimulate repair of damaged mitochondria. Just FWIW).

          After being on the road so much, your choice to opt for a steamboat river cruise and cross-country train ride in lieu of an RV makes sense.

  4. Mac says:

    Watching this situation unfold in front of my eyes is truly amazing and further convinces me of the radical leftist corruption in academia. The idea that a grown man, an alleged scientist, would behave this way is just stunning to me. You can feel the bitter resentment, because Mann knows his climate BS is being exposed for the garbage science it is. I think Mann probably believes that he’s “owning” Mr. Heller with his childish emojis and insults, but, really, Mann is just making a total ass of himself. I wonder why every climate cult shaman like Michael Mann will consistently refuse to debate anyone who doesn’t share their cult’s religious views. If your belief that 0.043% CO2 in the atmosphere really is capable of drastically changing the climate of a 5 billion year-old planet, then debating should be easy for you. Just fire up the animal skin drums, do the shaman Climate Dance around the fire, and have at it with the heretics.

  5. Timo, not that one! says:

    He’s hoping that you will make an attack on him so he can sue you Tony, like he has been doing to Mark Steyn.

    We know you are too clever to fall for it.

    • arn says:

      There was recently some undercover recording of a CiA guy by the name Gavin O’Blennis.
      He said that,besides setting traps for radicals and encouraging them to get involved in attacks,that they financially ruin problematic people on purpose by sueing them.

      • Robertvd says:

        Of course little mann is a Big Government operation from the start.
        Just like the planneddemic or failing buildings because of fire to name a few.

        The question is ‘Who are the real radicals’.

        • arn says:

          The radicals are those who are attacking everyone,everywhere all around the world all the time.

          Be it with wars,globalization,viruses,vaccines,climate actions,color revolutions,elections,CBDC ‘ s etcetc.

  6. arn says:

    “….and skewer him mercilessly for years”
    This comment comes from someone who does not tolerate any criticism on his Twitter account.

    You now have your own Stalker now.
    And not just some off the mill looney but a high priest.

  7. Laurie says:

    The word ‘devil’ (Greek ‘????????’) means ‘slanderer’ … he’s driving the point home …

  8. Laurie says:

    the Greek transliteration is ‘diabolos’

  9. Nicholas McGinley says:

    For solace, consider the judgement of history on the likes of Mann and his alarmist doomsday mongering ilk.
    It will be harsh.

  10. roaddog says:

    One wishes there were a vaccine; but I doubt Stick-Mann Schizophrenia is communicable.

  11. He’s hoping that you will make an attack on him so he can sue you Tony, like he has been doing to Mark Steyn and others

  12. Ivan G Wainwright says:

    Do you remember the children’s rhyme? ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me’.’ Mann is clearly deranged. Move on Tony, move on.

  13. dm says:

    Mann is a vicious fabulist, not an objective climate scientist. His positions on all climate related matters should be disparaged as Manntasies.

  14. Conrad Ziefle says:

    The last episode of The Dark Horse podcast is on the subject of “cancel culture” and its flip side “Promotion culture”, i.e. the idea of promoting the people who support the dogma. The Dark Horse team believes that there must be a return of the “level playing field” culture, i.e. we actually have laws that apply to everyone. I agree, but unfortunately, as part of it, those who have cancelled people need to be tried for abridging the freedom of speech, and the penalty needs to be so severe that no one will consider doing so again.

  15. arn says:

    A little bit off topic,
    but only a few days after the Asian development Bank anoounced that Asia will suffer twice the global average climate change impact,
    Europeans are told that Europes continent is warming the fastest.

    Is there even one continent below the average and how comes the fastest warming continent isn’t suffering the most?
    Or does this mean that climate change has nothing to do with warming?

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Who was it that said Al Gore didn’t understand the graph he presented to congress, but he knew that all the other congressmen would be afraid of it. You begin to wonder what small portion of the population actually understands numbers very well at all.

      • arn says:

        You may have discovered a major trick of stealth manipulation and subjugation,
        besides good intentions,necessity,intimidating dissenters and abusing the science as authority.

        And this is – make things appear to be complex.
        Blow them up with so much BS that people get the impression that only god and a handful of chosen are able to understand so that noone question it and try to give everyone at the same time the paradox impression that they make idiots out of themselves if they dont go along with it and pretend that they understand everything because every little child knows that the official story is true.

        Considering how dumb many US politicians are( people who think that guam will tip over,space committee members talking about the atmosphere of the moon, people who do not know what women are),
        one should expect that, whenever there is a presentation, a barrage of questions from the congress to rain down on the presenter.

        And especially in terms of Al Gore – as he is not even qualified for the climate job.

        The very first question should Always be:
        As we are in the house of sellouts and lies – what should be your punishment if it turns out that your claims are wrong?

      • Richard E Fritz says:

        the other congressmen were scared of not getting their cut

  16. Bill Odom says:

    It has long been a standard political tactic to attack one’s opponent’s character if you cannot refute his logic. Anyone who denies that the climate changes is an idiot. Anyone who believes that we can control that change is delusional. We all have a brain, but some of us refuse to use it.

  17. jb says:

    i’ve now been blocked — or maybe there is a general block in place — on the parody account. I gladly state I did my part in “messing” him up.

  18. They (the powers that be to quote the fraud Mann) – have targeted you and your info. You destroy their religion.

    Suggest you take care of your personal security and that of your family. Thousands have suffered ‘suicide’ at the hands of the deep state criminals. Not just from pharma, but NASA, climate and whatever else they are pushing. Car crash, train wreck, small plane crash, drowning, heart attack etc.

    Just what Mannpig et al are probably advocating behind the facade of the CIA run soc media platforms. How does a ‘scientist’ have so much time to spend on twatter et al? Isn’t he/zhe busy with ‘really important scientific work’? What a useless pile of sheep vomit and what a fraud and criminal Mannpig is.

  19. Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic) says:

    Tony will be interested in this tweet:

    “SNP [In power in Scotland] ends power-sharing deal with Scottish Greens over Climate Strategy.
    Cabinet votes to leave historic Bute House agreement after [they] abandon emissions targets”

    The other parties have now tabled a no-confidence motion in the leader of the SNP.

    In other words the SNP are in deep trouble due to their commitment to insane climate policies.

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