The High Priest Has Forbidden Questioning His Religion

Heresy will not be tolerated by Michael Mann and his cult members.

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38 Responses to The High Priest Has Forbidden Questioning His Religion

  1. Mac says:

    I see Mann has reached Spanish Inquisition levels with his religious fervor.

    • Russell Cook says:

      — “… submitted to a group** that scours timelines …”

      **( hidden asterisks: members of this group are forbidden to question ANY edict, opinion or action issued, offered or taken by The Mann, and any violations thereof will result in the following for the violator:
      1) shaming of the violator in front of all the other group members, including requirement to wear a prominent indicator of what the violation was
      2) forfeiture of any salary owed to the violator
      3) banishment of the violator from the group
      4) doxxing of the violator’s personal collection of contacts info / internet presence / facial recognition images
      5) dispatch of unrelated ally policing groups to shame / ostracize the violator in any public appearance of any type, and to notify violator’s friends / relatives, etc who are not aware of the violation. )

      • Mac says:

        And, 6) Little kids with red scarves will point AK-47s at your head until you parrot the climate religion’s precepts accurately and enthusiastically.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      I never expected the Spanish Inquisition!!!

  2. Admission of the weakness of his argument. Coercion, censorship and cancellation; the toolkit of the propagandist. 399 likes in 24300 views, with dislikes presumably blocked, muted and reported. Not very impressive.

  3. aussie says:

    Doesn’t this clown realise how stupid he looks. He is the type who would draw the curtains on the Titanic and proclaim that all was OK and attack and vilify any who would gainsay him.

    In this life he may succeed for a time with such Gestapo tactics, but it will all catch up with him. If not, then when he meets his maker I don’t believe it will be pretty….

  4. Michael Peinsipp says:

    I just checked and YEP…I’m BLOCKED!
    I wonder how many the Chicken has blocked…Eleventy-11 and two?

  5. John Billot says:

    He left out Number 4 – I’ll stamp my feet really hard and go to bed without any supper.

  6. arn says:

    Ah, the Lord of the tree rings has spoken – in his most scientific approach so far.

    But he is revealing more and more what the warming scam is all about.
    Subjugation,control and the violation of any norm and law that is in the way of the global agenda.

    Watched just Yesterday a BBC interview with with the Guyanese president.
    The propag…reporter was so rude and shameless towards the president trying to tell him neocolonial style what his country must do and must not
    that he would have instantly got fired for racism and probably 100 hatecrime indictments on top (if he were Trump),
    but as it was about climate,co2 output and Guyanas idea to exploit their own oil ressources (how dare black people to improve their living standards without Massas approval?)
    this kind of behavior was perfectly fine,
    as there is nothing more progressive for a progressive than keeping black people from progressing.

    And on top of that – the journalist was so old that he was a grown up during the ice age scare.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      The reporter is the Black Knight out of Monty Python…Tis just a scratch!!!
      I wonder how people like that get thru Life without their Brains decaying to dust…oh cuz their Brains ARE dust already!
      Anyway…3 days ago here in SC Kentucky it was 78F and today it will be 40F!!! AND rain rain rain rain rain and …RAIN!
      We need dry to get the garden ready for planting. Taters need to go in and Maters need some drier conditions. All will be okay cuz I will survive!
      Thanks Cap for all of your hard work Sir!

  7. MichiCanuck says:

    I just popped over to his X site to see what was going on. The level of pomposity and self righteousness displayed definitely warrant a nasty look in aisle 9 of Wegman’s.

    • Francis Barnett says:

      ” definitely warrant a nasty look in aisle 9 of Wegman’s”

      Sorry – but could you explain that? I realise that Wegman’s is a grocery store but……………????

      • MichiCanuck says:

        It’s a reference to the only damage that could be realistically claimed by Mann during the Mann v Simberg & Steyn lawsuit. He tried to claim that he lost grants, but that was obviously false. The nasty look resulted in actual damages of $1 each for Simberg and Steyn. For punitive damages, Simberg was charged with 1,000x the actual damage. For Steyn, it was 1,000,000x. Both punitive awards are orders of magnitude greater than SCOTUS normally allow. This is one of the (many) aspects of teh upcoming appeals.

  8. Gosh. The Church of Sharknado Warmunism congregants must be feeling like the test subject in a Solomon Asch psychology experiment–rather than one of the parties to the social pressure testing agreement.

  9. John Nebilak says:

    The radical left Neo Marxists believe in diversity of everything except thought.

  10. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Heh, on Usenet back in the day, there was a kook named Jamie Bailey… he was often noted for saying “this will not be tollerated!”

    Note the spelling.

    We lampooned the guy mercilessly. We should turn Mikey ‘Mouse’ Mann into climate science’s Jamie ‘Lamey’ Bailey. LOL

    “Your dissent will not be tollerated!” LOL

    • Francis Barnett says:

      I was thinking of something similar last night – use satire and parody to belittle the fat maggot. Make him a public laughing stock and he might wind his neck in.
      Twitter/X allows parody..!!!

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Mickey the Rodent. He looks like one.

  11. Peter Carroll says:

    Is this guy rapidly losing his marbles or what?. What is this, “group that scours timelines for potential rules violations”?
    I think is must be the convocation of elves, fairies and goblins he holds his full moon seances with behind the outhouse.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      In the out house.

    • arn says:

      I know nothing about TwitterX therefore I didn’t felt I was qualified to comment on Manns 3rd point.

      But when we ignore the elves and goblins (in climate science they operate under such names as tipping points, rain bombs etc),
      there is absolutely a possibility that Big Tech has indeed operators who scour timelines for potential rules violations to protect the big narratives and punish alternative narrators.
      If I would say that It’d be a crazy conspiracy theory – but this is Manns statement.
      And considering Manns skills (if you can not afford a crystal ball there are always some tree rings)he did not came to this conclusion as result of research or knowledge but someone told him that he and the narrative are being better protected than Hunter Biden including retroactive punishments for heretics and infidel castros.

      • arn says:

        And to add a bit of further proof of protection rackets,
        today on Jimmy Dore a former ESPN journalist was shown who admitted that she was forced to do a totally scripted,and written by the top network execs, interview with Joe Biden.

  12. Disillusioned says:

    So, on social media he works diligently to erase dissenters. That should be fairly easy – a major portion of his career is based on erasure – he erased the Medieval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age and collaborated to hide falling temps during 33 years of the second half of the 20th century.

    Jim Jones was a narcissistic con artist, a showman and paranoid megalomaniac. When the jig was up, his exit strategy is infamous. He erased a little over 900 lives including his own.

    I wonder what the Michael Mann’s exit will look like.

    • arn says:

      Michael Mann would rather exterminate all of humanity ( that’s what AGW is all about )before killing himself while Jim Jones had at least the integrity to go down with his ship.
      One of the differences between a psychopath and a sociopath.

      • Mann is just a symptom of the corruption of the academy. I believe he is so stupid as to genuinely believe his own nonsense. A fraud knows that he is telling lies for monetary gain and status, Mann is convinced he is telling the truth and deserves the wealth and accolades as just reward for a job well done. He is neither a fraud, nor a sociopath, merely a useful idiot. He is a mediocre researcher, with a limited grasp of the scientific method, but said what the likes of Al Gore wanted to hear, and so was rapidly elevated to the highest echelons of academia. In such an environment, integrity and honesty, or even intelligence, are the kiss of death to a modern academic career.

        • arn says:

          I don’t know – Mann has been confronted from the very beginning with the fact that his theories are wrong,
          as Briffa pretty much released his Mann contradicting Ring Tree Stuff at the time Mann did.
          And I also remember an old Michael Crichton statement , who said that Manns theory has been challenged by many experts since the beginning.

          If Mann would really believe in his stuff he would not make the 3 stupid points above.
          He’d go with a certain confidence into the fight, knowing well that one of his smarter Lemmings would win the debates for him.
          As this is not the case he is fully aware that his theories are crap and that this is not about debate,ideas,curiosity,challenges, playing the devils advocate and all the other old fashioned scientific stuff but protecting the big narrative,the settled consensus,his church.

          Mann knows that the only chance for a limited Mann like him to rise to the top is prostitution,as in a fair environment and competition he would end up being the dude who makes the coffee,
          therefore he knew before he even started his treering research that he will find proove for global warming – therefore I think he does not believe in his own BS.

  13. Thunderican says:


  14. Trevor says:

    Lots of comments allowed on Tony’s site.

  15. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Just to let anyone who is interested know, I checked and according to my web hosting service the following domains are still available: and has been picked up by someone, as almost all of that name with all the extensions available.

  16. _Jim says:

    JUST finished viewing the movie “V for Vengeance”… his MO mimics that of the main protagonist on the govt’s side …

  17. Robertvd says:

    His masters behind the curtain are those who can print all that is needed to buy/corrupt the system. Once you sell your soul you can never be free again.

  18. Walter says:

    He’s such a wormy scumbag. I assume his hard drive should be looked at.

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