Climate Obsession

Michael Mann has me blocked, but is using someone engaged in identity theft to slander other people and misrepresent my views.  This is not how a legitimate scientist would behave.

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2 Responses to Climate Obsession

  1. Bill Odom says:

    In today’s politicized world, the words “legitimate” and “scientist” are almost contradictory.

  2. Richard E Fritz says:

    after the COW Mann got his ass handed to him in a Canadian court he then won a cheap shot verdict from Mark Seyne or Stein so hes cocky AGAIN. The ugly little bald headed Mann loves the fame – he was a NO BODY until he faked the Hocky Stick or Hookie Stick then got busted and due to our Crap weasel media talking heads they should of EXPOSED the truth and shamed him BUT NO they put him at the head of the Al Gore class of dumb C–ts, part of the 4 horsemen of the Apologist team – Al Gore, Greta & ?

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