Forests Cause Forest Fires

Academics competing with the Babylon Bee.

“By fueling the growth of plants that become kindling, carbon dioxide is driving an increase in the severity and frequency of wildfires, according to a UC Riverside study.”

CO2 worsens wildfires by helping plants grow | UCR News | UC Riverside

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13 Responses to Forests Cause Forest Fires

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    WOW, they actually got onto the right track, with this one. More CO2 is making plants grow better. Do you think they will remember this brilliant discovery when they talk about how CO2 will cause a collapse of the food supply? And then, so sad that their religious faith won’t allow them to engage in intelligent forest management. Or to believe that Earth existed prior to 1983.

    • arn says:

      The gradual abandoning of intelligent forest management in favor of a more natural approach is the reason why there is an increase in forest fires.
      That’s why they’d never return to it.

    • Yammobethere says:

      “Do you think they will remember this brilliant discovery when they talk about how CO2 will cause a collapse of the food supply?”

      Nope! Not a chance!! You’ve got ’em cornered, Conrad. +1

  2. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Are they saying more plants/trees more CO2?
    Did they ever take 56th Grade Biology…plants/trees breath IN CO2 and breath OUT O2….we call that the CYCLE of LIFE!!!

  3. arn says:

    Finally some logical sense.

    Without co2 there would be no forests at all, therefore no fires at all.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    With all the backflips, twists and turns academic alarmunists must go through to keep their climate terrorism alive, they could really showcase their talents at culinary school.

  5. Robertvd says:

    And these people want a Greener world ?

  6. So we cure forest fires by cutting down all the trees and replace them with solar panels and windmills. What could possibly go wrong. The hardest part about telling lies, is keeping them consistent. Sooner or later aspects of the narrative become incompatible with each other and the absurdity becomes manifest. Truth has the property of being internally self-consistent, and requires nothing like the same level of mental gymnastics to handle.

    Science rests on relatively few guiding principles, whereas pseudo science produces ad hoc explanations for each individual phenomenon. Just as the flat earthers produce piecemeal, ad hoc, explanations of phenomena which are incompatible with their beliefs, climate alarmists provide ad hoc explanations to protect the myth of AGW.

    Indeed, the AGW argument is so lacking in scientific merit that it can only survive through suppression of debate.

  7. Bob G says:

    in other news…. more lifeguards is going to cause more people to live!

  8. Thomas Robbins says:

    idiotic claim though. Most fures start with dried out kindling on the forest or shrub base are. many are accidentaly or intentionally set by man. BIT c02 also makes Plants and trees MORE resilient to drought. so less dead branches and kindling. Not to mention that they start their rediculous acreage burned graphs of the US in 1960 at the absolutely lowest point.. before this acreage burned was about 10x as bad. Tony has pointed this out time and time again. a lot of temp change is caused by man.. altering data, and enlarging the z-axis to show a non-existant trend.

  9. Thomas Robbins says:

    apologies for my bad grammar! posting on my phone above.

  10. Thomas Robbins says:

    ah x-axis!! again. sorry for typos.. phone pist.

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