Climate Engineering

Another story about the press, academia and government working together to engineer a complete fake climate story.

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  1. Ivan G Wainwright says:

    It is good that the Aspens are replacing the burnt forests, but do they provide structural/furniture timber? Is it really something to crow about?

    • Allan Shelton says:

      As aspen stands mature, they may begin to deteriorate as openings in the forest canopy are left by dying trees. Often, in the West, aspen is replaced by conifers in the absence of disturbance.

  2. ‘Calypso’ was Jacques Cousteau’s ship. He actually was a rabid anti-humanist and I suspect would have supported the climate scam as a means of promoting depopulation. There is no shortage of Malthusian idealogues, particularly among the rich and powerful, which is why the climate scam never lacks funding or publicity. It is a vehicle for tyranny for would-be masters of the universe.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Excellent exposé on the massive lies of Cabal Climate Propaganda Machine!

  4. Bill says:

    Beautifully done video! Here’s a related article from our US Forest Service Department of Agriculture:

    Science says thinned forests are healthy forests

    Overgrown forests are one of the key contributing factors to the current wildfire crisis in the West. The new Forest Service strategy on Confronting the Wildfire Crisis outlines the agency’s plan for increasing fuels and forest health treatments to create healthier forests and reduce the risk to communities.

    Forest Service science shows that thinning and fuels treatments work. Historically, many western forests were far less dense and extremely variable. Trees often grew in clusters of two to 20, interspersed with several small gaps…

    Ten years ago, Knapp and his colleagues began a study on the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Experimental Forest in California. They thinned some areas in the standard way, with trees spaced relatively evenly. They also thinned other areas with a new prescription designed to restore variability, mimicking historical forest conditions. Finally, they left other units unthinned.

    What they found was that during a recent severe drought that killed over 147 million trees statewide, the two thinned treatments came through relatively unscathed, experiencing far less tree mortality than the adjacent unthinned areas. By reducing competition, the remaining trees had greater access to sunlight, water and the nutrients found in soils.

  5. john says:

    of course the healthiest forests are climax forests

    Acerage burnt kept decreasing primarily due to better fire fighting techniques. There has been an increase in area burnt despite ever better fire fighting reponses.

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