Let Them Burn Wood

If people worried about global warming spent more time outdoors, perhaps they would have a more realistic view of the world.

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5 Responses to Let Them Burn Wood

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Someone suggested that if any of these lamebrained governments actually sued the oil companies, then the oil companies (energy companies, because they invest in all forms of energy production) should immediately stop selling oil products within the jurisdiction of that governmental entity. Maybe post some ads in the papers explaining why they stopped.

  2. YouTube still persists with that Wikipedia definition of global warming. The IPPC definition is of the difference between outgoing and incoming radiation. Whilst this might be possible transiently, if integrated up over time, such a discrepancy would credit greenhouse gases with the magical property of generating energy from nothing. I find it strange how ‘;irrefutable settled science’ contravenes what is probably the most fundamental principle of physics.

    • Richard E Fritz says:

      the entire fundamental physics and science is out the window- the IPCC- Bernie AOC Horse face Kerry & entire DNC and EU want POWER and Control

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      The difference between incoming energy and outgoing energy is the energy gain or loss of the system. When you look at Earth, the energy gain or loss would be hard to figure out. How much energy does Earth have, to its core? How much heat gain, if you can decide what that is, is from the sun, and how much is not really gain, but just a transfer from the core outward? Can you really measure the outflow of energy from the system when you can’t model clouds accurately, and that is just one mechanism that is poorly modeled? In the end, these climate shamans just look like a whack-a-mole (not is a chemical way) Dr. Seuss character.

  3. oeman50 says:

    Since “climate change” is attributed to world-wide CO2 emissions, then Vermont is attempting to hold the entire world responsible for Vermont. What a bunch of maroons.

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