Australia Permanent Drought Update

Twenty-one years into Australia’s official permanent drought, drought is at an historical low.

Australia Faces Permanent Drought | WIRED

No more drought: it’s a ‘permanent dry’

This drought may never break

Recent and historical rainfall maps, Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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5 Responses to Australia Permanent Drought Update

  1. arn says:

    Almost off topic but also globalism related –

    On the same day Turkey claimed they prevented another coup attempt
    the Slovakian Prime Minister was shot while at the same time protests in Georgia are trying to remove the government – the only heretic country that is currently not suffering from special interest climate change is Hungary.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      The globalists are full of hubris, and I guess in countries that don’t have guns, they can be fairly confident that they won’t get rounded up by the peasants. But the US is still their huckleberry.

  2. Ivan G Wainwright says:

    There is a hotbed of climate alarmists at Monash University; they almost amount to a faculty as far as I can see. (I live in Melbourne, Australia, close to Monash.) Before Covid, one of their number (a PhD no less) used to publish articles in our local community paper, including snippets from BOM temperature graphs, which were purported to show a continuing rise in Melbourne’s temperature. Fraudsters all!

    • John B says:

      have you not seen the Urban Heat Index temperature profile of Melbourne? There is a 4 degC difference between the CBD (near where they have the meteorological station) to the outer districts of Rockbank (35 km to the W) and Beaconsfield (45 km to the SSE.)
      Ref: Graph 1. Spatial variability of the Melbourne urban heat island (1:00 am, 23 March 2006), on page 3 of the ‘Heatwave Plan for Victoria 2009–2010’, at this link:


      So I am not surprised the temperature of Melbourne has increased with time.

      • Ivan G Wainwright says:

        John, I am well aware of the heat-island effect, but the alarmists don’t acknowledge it. Any temperature rise is a good temperature rise as far as they are concerned; it fits their narrative.

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