“No One Is Above The Law”

On May 29, Biden bragged that he was above the law. Then on May 30 he said “no one is above the law”

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47 Responses to “No One Is Above The Law”

  1. arn says:

    Reminds me of the science that went from one day to another from global cooling to global warming.

    • Mike says:

      When did that happen????
      Kidding Sir. Born 1955 and the changes in the weather/climate has been happening since H2O became dominant in Earths atmosphere so + – 1 Billion years.

  2. czechlist says:

    To paraphrase Carville:”it’s the media, stupid!”
    “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
    Malcolm X

    • Mike says:

      More people need to read & understand Malcolm X. He hated White Liberals not all Whites. White Liberals like Biden etc

  3. Bob G says:

    in Braggs NYC you can beat up a cop and walk scott free. Donald Trump won’t be so lucky when that so-called judge issues his sentence, for a scheme cooked up by Michael Cohen, without Trump’s knowledge. after all why would the lefties stop now with their unethical shenanigans when they have a chance to sentence Trump to at least 6 months in prison. the supreme Court needs to step in to put a tourniquet on this judicial travesty.

    • Mike says:

      Do me a favor please. Do NOT get violent AND/OR stop your Friends from getting violent. MAGA/TRUMP has won so just wait and vote in Nov. 5, 2024.
      Please Sir.
      BUT if they attack…you know the number to use for protection.

  4. Bob G says:

    meanwhile, the left stream press led by the New York times says there’s nothing to see here. everything was done above board and standard procedure says the New York times – which incidentally is where most of the jurors stated they get their news from. it’s quite the relationship. you cover for me and I’ll cover for you and if that doesn’t do the trick with the American people, no worries, we’ll just cheat like hell in the coming election and the leftstream press will turn a blind eye to that too

    • Mike says:

      Judge Mecham violated numerous Laws & regulations in this trial. A Misdemeanor upped to a Felony…Federal Felony! Trump’s Lawyers should have had all appeals to every upper court even the Supreme Court. Mark Levin went off on those lawyers. Heck Alan Dershowitz & Jonathon Turley are screaming at this Injustice…no BANANA REPUBLIC FIASCO.

  5. Gamecock says:

    Bragg and Merchan should get prison time for this.

    Delaware AG should bring charges against Biden on Jan 22. He should die in prison.

    • Gamecock says:

      Everyone with interests in New York should be thinking, “If they can get Trump, they can get me.”

      Buy stock in U-Haul.

      • Mike says:

        Many Money men are refusing to put money into NY.
        That is very bad for business in that commie state. And WINRED/TRUMP brought in $100 Million in 4 days. AND $70 MILLION was from New voters. BACKFIRE is a word to weak for this backlash against Biden..more like ‘NUKES AWAY’????

    • Richard E Fritz says:

      wont help the LEFTIES who are trying to take over could care LESS – the dip sticks in NYC have to PAY X4 the taxes before they wake up

      • Mike says:

        If 60% of your paycheck ain’t enuf than WHAT???
        Here in KY we take home 88% of our pay. And a loaf of bread is $2.19 a loaf not $20 a loaf like in NY ?
        But vote for Trump on Nov 5, 2024.

  6. Bob Gutjahr says:

    The prosecution position on the underlying “campaign violation” reminds me of an old joke.

    A man was being sued for damaging his neighbor’s lawn mower. The Defending lawyer’s opening statement was:

    I am going to prove three things:

    1) My client never borrowed the lawn mower.
    2) My client returned the mower in perfect condition.
    3) The lawn mower was already broken when he borrowed it.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Lawyers are very logical.

      • arn says:

        Aren’t lawyers supposed to be bound to their former customers, instead of stealing from and wittnessing against them?

        • Conrad Ziefle says:

          Actually, that it is a good point. does getting disbarred relieve a lawyer from all of his legal obligations to his previous clients? Seems that his testimony is inadmissible, and it was a mistrial.

      • arn says:

        Well , I do not know about American law,
        but gernerally there should be in the west some equivalent to the hippocratic oath between lawyer and client – but maybe it all went the way of the dodo just as it happened to peer reviews in general and everything else since covid and 9/11.

      • Mike says:

        My Lawyer would laff at that statement. The stories he has told me made me understand that some Humans should just dig ditches.????

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Biden lies about the loans. He didn’t relieve the loans; he just made innocent bystanders pay them.

    • Bob G says:

      good one Conrad. sadly the ploy worked. they bought votes including my daughters vote but she is yet to see any relieve

      • Mike says:

        Do this. When your Son asks for money take it from Her. If she complains tell Her that THAT is exactly what Biden did UNCONSTITUTIONALLY to American taxpayers.

  8. Disillusioned says:

    The non-disclosure agreement (which the enemy have termed “Hush Money”) between Trump’s lawyer and the porn slut had nothing to do with campaign spending, according to Kellyanne Conway. She said in an interview that that was a year-and-a-half before she became candidate Trump’s campaign manager, and that she never would have approved such spending.

    • Mike says:

      The Money/NDA were in 2017 After the election AND the Statute of Limitations is TEO YEARS so Trp should never have been charged PERIOD. I want the Supreme Court to slap it all down Unanimously!

      • Disillusioned says:

        Yeah, I misheard what she said. At the beginning of the clip she referenced a meeting at Trump tower 1 1/2 years earlier – and what immediately followed was the Daniels-Cohen payment and her Campaign Manager position. She barely took a breath. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojqumFhG1kU

        I fully agree this manipulation needs to be reversed, somehow. Dunno how that can be done.

  9. Russell Cook says:

    The Democrat party ought to rename itself the “No Self Awareness of How Ridiculous We Look” party — that mob demands that Supreme Court Justice must recuse himself from hearings about Trump over the LEAST little indication of a possible lean toward conservative political bias, such as his wife flying an upside down US flag and flying another one dating from the 1700s. But when Judge Merchan displays bias against defendant Trump both indirectly and directly …. well, crickets from the liberal mob. How utterly predictable.

  10. Disillusioned says:

    It’s too bad Stormy Daniels didn’t sue Trump for sexual harrassment.
    https://www.politico.com/story/2018/11/14/clinton-settles-sexual-harassment-suit-1998-983371 Paula Jones received $850,000, which is $1.6 million in today’s dollars. Daniels’ accepted a paltry $120K to drop it and move on.

    But wait. That’s not all; there’s more…. Porno actress Daniels sued Trump for defamation in 2018. And she lost. The judge ordered Daniels to pay Trump’s legal fees. Guess how much? $130k – which Daniels still owes Trump.

    • Disillusioned says:

      NOTE: above, “It’s too bad….” was tongue-in-cheek. The UniParty accepted the Clinton/Jones settlement as being legit at that time (nothing for which to prosecute him). But Donald Trump was convicted of a felony – over what is essentially a non-disclosure settlement agreement – which Trump’s lawyer and Stormy Daniels agreed and put their signatures to, without any indication of coercion.

      (In the end, Daniels is left owing a net $10,000 to Trump – that is, if she were to ever pay him his legal fees for the case she lost against him.)

    • Mike says:

      Stormy owes Trump a lot of money when She sued him. And She on the stand said she will never pay that money. Time for Jail for her at Rikers…She can ‘serve’ the male inmates for time off??

  11. Disillusioned says:

    The case was so ridiculous, one would legitimately come to the conclusion the verdict will be thrown out on appeal. However, we’re dealing with a Cabal willing do do anything to keep Trump out of office.

    This is not about democracy. It’s about the opposite of that – guaranteeing they always have puppet in the office of the presidency.

    • Gamecock says:

      Dr (sic) Jill said this election will be “a choice between good and evil.”

      Calling your opposition “evil” is the antithesis of democracy. It is the rejection of democracy. Hence . . . it is evil.

  12. Laurie says:

    Biden is trying – or those directing him – to render the nation insolvent. The reason is they want everyone to ‘willingly’ adopt digital public infrastructure (DPI) – in particular the digital id as Australia recently adopted in parliament.

    It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark [charagma] on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.


    • arn says:

      They have been test running DPI in Ukraine under the name DiiA alsince they took over the country.
      (biological labs and war was not the only thing that was outsourced to them)
      In fact,”Ukraine wouldnt have gotten the money without DiiA”
      Samanthe Power ,US AiD boss (wife of obamas prof)

      • Laurie says:

        100% – thanks. Trudeau and Freeland travelled to Ukraine to embrace DiiA. Sigh, I wanted to say ‘now back to climate’, but …


        • Mike says:

          That’s okay cuz Eddy if Eddy Minimum will slap all of them down…and possibly into a grave for.kying about GLOBAL WARMING?????
          When they are freezing to death cuz the windmills and solar panels have failed…change will occur and it won’t be pretty?

    • Disillusioned says:

      It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark [charagma] on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

      Since I am familiar with the Bible (and I have read your other posts and know what’s in your heart) I realize you were implying that you see DPI as the foundation which could/will pave the way for that kind of nightmare to be brought to fruition. But not everyone is familiar with the New Testament and the way you wrote that it looks like you were implying that that is a part of DPI. With quotation marks around it, or italics, or merely attributing it to Revelation 13: 16-17 below the quote, that would clear up any confusion.

    • Tel says:

      I get the bit about digital ID and digital central bank currency … but the missing part is why government insolvency would somehow encourage people to find those options more attractive.

      If anything, bigger government debt only makes people work harder to shift their assets into anything and everything as far out of reach as possible … knowing that the debt-ridden government will inevitably start sucking out tangible assets from the economy. If they were giving away free CBDC units, I might take them up but I would spend them quickly and convert to whatever I could get hold of … tins of mackerel for example, jugs of kerosene, even a truck load of firewood. I certainly would never hold wealth in the CBDC and I doubt anyone else would either … making the whole exercise kind of pointless.

    • Gamecock says:

      I want to believe it’s true; I yearn for justice. But too soon to tell if it’s true.

      • Mike says:

        One of the biggest has pulled his group away from NY. His investors warned him…and he listened.That is BILLIONS list to NY … but it will take some time to hit home. Most likely later this year or next. Than Hochul and Mr Fancy dress Mayor will
        realize the reality of their actions…NAH???

    • Unlike politics and law, commerce is extremely intolerant of liars. If your word is not your bond, nobody will do business with you. This principle is alien to people who lie by profession.

  13. Wes Tyler says:

    The NWS Forecast Office at Columbia Metropolitan Airport (official observation site for nearby Columbia, SC) reported a June 1, 2024 ASOS minimum temperature of 49 degrees..This was the sites coldest June temperature since June 12, 1988 (36 years ago at 48 degrees)..oddly, there were no mornings that were colder in the just exiting month of May..Wes Tyler retired staff climatologist, SC State Climatology Office..

  14. Disillusioned says:

    This morning while looking for something else, I happened upon an excellent interview with a trial expert on the trial and guilty conviction of President Trump. It is the latest Phil in the Blanks interview podcast. (First time I had seen that podcast.)

    My first thought was that the Supremes should watch it. Suffice to say, it was well worth the time I spent listening to it while having my morning coffee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuToj7OE_40

    Afterward I searched for the legal expert and found that The Washington Times picked it up and wrote a short piece on it: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2024/jun/4/dr-phil-accuses-judge-merchan-prosecutors-in-trump/


  15. Disillusioned says:

    Well, here’s a little wrinkle….

    If Judge Merchon were concerned about blowback from activist agenda/collusion-with-prosecutor allegations, he may have taken a first step to deflect the spotlight away – a potential jury mistrial: https://www.newsweek.com/maga-demands-mistrial-after-judge-merchan-reveals-new-information-1909960


    To me, it seems to be merely hearsay, easily deniable and not strong enough for a mistrial. But I’m not Perry Mason.

    If there were a mistrial, whether the Judge and the Persecuting Attorney would be shielded from blowback – investigations about steering the jury, collusion, potential impeachment/loss of licenses, although possibly related as to why a juror may pre-assume that the President would be convicted, those are separate issues.

    Regardless of what transpires, apparently the conviction will be overturned because of legalities. The questions I have: The timeline for such a process? – and – How will it affect the 2024 election? Anyone with a shred of integrity should want to see the felony conviction disappear.

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