Office Of Climate Change And Health Equity And Environmental Justice

“Sixty-five percent of black Americans report feeling anxious about climate change’s impact”

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15 Responses to Office Of Climate Change And Health Equity And Environmental Justice

  1. arn says:

    Hello – I am Rachel Levine and right now I’m creating the most Orwellian peace of propaganda in history of mankind,
    because everything you are about to see and hear in the next 70 seconds is fake or a lie.
    First – My name is not Rachel, nor am I a woman nor will I ever be.
    I have 0 naval skills, yet I am holding the highest Naval rank and I never contributed anything to justify the rank.
    I did all the wrong things during Covid to increase the bodycount in Pennsylvania .
    This,my mental illness and the Harvard/NY background was what put me into my current position and rank.

    I know very well that KKK Joe would have killed a person like me if I dared to come close to him or his family during the first 75 years of his life, but he has become so blackmailable and helpless that he had no choice.

    While our government has made life, especially for black people , a hell
    with inflation,soft on crime policies and giving their job to illegals,
    I come up with the totally hilarious climate anxiety bullshit,
    that an ethnicity that has been used to superhot temperatures for millions of years
    will be more negatively impacted by a temperature rise than those who are not used to hot temperatures, in a country where the average temperature is only half as high(in degrees Celsius)than at the African west coast.
    My claim that 2/3ds of black people suffer from Jim Crow Science&Propaganda is totally made up bullshit to justify ever more draconian and totalitarian climate actions.
    Despite all the propaganda it is(according to Yale) 9% who suffer from climate anxiety,
    12% can not stop themselves from consuming bad climate news
    and 8% would seek councelling to discuss feelings about AGW.
    And outside of virtue signalling propaganda cesspits(colleges) black peoples attitude towards AGW is the same as towards Covid vaccines – they ignore it the most.

    • Scissor says:

      Dark clown world.

    • Denis Rushworth says:

      She is not wearing a Naval uniform. It is the uniform of an Admiral in the Public Health Service. It looks navyish, but is not. She has no Navy authority whatsoever.

      • arn says:

        Thx for the clarification that when something looks and quaks like a duck it has not be a duck.

        Considering that there was no 4* health admiral prior to 1989
        ,and the handful of them only held this position for a very short time, this seem to be something of serious importance and not just a show of and grab money title.
        Anyways – the other guys seem to have achieved a bit of reputation to get those stars and not just pushed upwards twice into top positions forbeing trans.

        I wonder how many admiral stars Rachel had before becoming 4star?

        • Denis Rushworth says:

          How many stars before becoming a 4-star? None, I think. The 4-star rank comes with the job, Assistant Secretary for Health in HHS. Before that she was Pennsylvania’s top public health official – no stars I think.

  2. Richard E Fritz says:

    This is what happens to a society run by women and gays- women cannot handle POWER and may gays want to get even with society and or very angry they are gay and blame society for the mental problems – just being a realist

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Not sure about the gayness, but certainly the trannyness. At least in recent years, I think the trannies psychosis has been indulged, leading to more of them feeling entitled to physically attack others, including mass murders. If you were to take the ratio of murders and physical attacks divided by population size, I think you would see trannies at the top of the list. When someone is mentally off it doesn’t do any good to tell them that their feelings are justified.

  3. Robertvd says:

    Sorry. Could not watch this. Makes me sick.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    I think the ‘Admiral’ should eat more BigPharma and BigFood-supported soy products and other “healthy” plant toxins from the Cabal-created “Food Pyramid.”

    OTOH, I’ll be fixing and eating more thick, fatty ribeyes on the hot grill, as my body continues to heal from my former life of eating the BigPharma/BigFood supported, plant-based, Standard American Diet (SAD).

  5. Surely, this must be a Monty Python Sketch.

  6. Abraham's Kid says:

    This makes me pity sites like the Babylon Bee… How do you top stuff like this with satire?

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    The most inclusive administration ever, except for normal, job holding, society contributing citizens. I have a new answer to those who shame us over inequity: No productive person should have their living condition diminished by the non-productive through failure to enforce the laws and taxation that enables and sustains the non-productive.

  8. Walter says:

    Lies. Damn lies. And Statistics.

    I’m guessing that % is completely made up by the regime.

  9. Billyjack says:

    I used to beieve that a Biden Cabinet meeting looked like the cabinet meeting in the movie “Idiocracy” about watering plants with Brawndo. After watching this video the Brawndo cabinet meeting in the movie looks relatively intelligent compared to Levine.

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