Racist Gas

Protecting people from heat by making air conditioning unaffordable.

Wildfire exposure is associated with higher risks of preterm birth.

Unusually hot days and heatwaves are also associated with preterm birth risks.

Co-exposures of heat and wildfires have compounding effects.

Communities of color are more susceptible to these exposures.

The crossover nature of this study controls for time-invariant confounding.”

Impacts of heat and wildfire on preterm birth – ScienceDirect

Burn acreage and frequency of hot days have both declined as CO2 has increased.

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2 Responses to Racist Gas

  1. Francis Barnett says:

    Environmental Research – dated 1st July 2024 ???
    They have degrees in clairvoyance?

  2. Gamecock says:

    ‘Communities of color are more susceptible to these exposures.’

    [citation needed]

    What about individuals ‘of color (sic)?’

    Communities can’t get pregnant.

    Woketardery is bigoted.

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