RFK Jr. Discusses The Green New Deal And Climate

“all of the modeling on climate change says (really bad things)”

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9 Responses to RFK Jr. Discusses The Green New Deal And Climate

  1. Climate models, based on incorrect theory, which have never been validated against real world data, and have yet to produce a correct prediction over the past forty years, tell us bad things will happen. Their protagonists show their conviction by buying multi million dollar mansions on the coast.

    Using the same equations and solution methods for weather prediction, the results can only be trusted for a few days.

    Climate models must contain gross simplifications to try and filter out short term effects. The corollary is that thirty years or so of data are needed for the validation exercise. They have failed to reproduce the results for thirty year intervals in the past, and have failed to match (non ‘adjusted’) data over the past forty years.

    Their predictive power is on a par with astrology, and likewise prove that there is one born every minute.

  2. arn says:

    Wait, isn”t this the same RFK who said that they are using fear to make us comply
    and that all they need is another crisis be it CLIMATE,vaccines,wars etc and that they have the power to lock us down.

    And how does this fit with his, we blew up North Stream to deindustrialize Germany
    and we need to restart the gas transfer to industrialize Germany.

    And what”s with this Green New Deal nonsense.
    How can someone who is too dumb to plug in a toaster
    can come up with such a plan – that”s like me trying to built an antigravity space ship?,
    and how comes everyone is so obsessed with following it?

    And in terms of storms:
    How comes Jupiter and Saturn ,more than a 150 degrees colder than earth
    have eternal superviolent storms going on.
    The red spot and the Hexagon have a much larger diameter than our planet?

    But now back to some real stuff and what this climate crap is all about.
    Real pioneers stuff – and that it started with the republicans
    min 6 – 10.10
    min 7.55-8.30 is a must watch about the Trump Treatment = coordinated attacks by agencies(here called multimedia enforcement) and shows how far and deep the deep state has occupied those agencies long ago.


  3. czechlist says:

    That bright thing in the daytime sky controls what happens in its planetary system and there ain’t a damn thing we can do about it.

  4. jb says:

    No wonder he advocates for full term abortion (to limit the # of humans on the planet )*. Next up: he’ll be advocating for post-partum abortions without age limit. Dude is a nutter.

    * No I do not advocate for this at all.

  5. oeman50 says:

    Lurch sez no matter what we do about CO2 emissions, it won’t matter. This is still happening based on the increasing amounts of coal being mined for electric generation in Asia.


  6. Billyjack says:

    Always amused morons like RFK, Jr. who couldn’t solve a middle school algebra problem potificate about climate numeric models as if he understood anything about the math and how easily they can be manipulated to get the results required by the Church of Warming.

    • Disillusioned says:

      RFK Jr. is no moron.

      He has broken with the deep state and is a pariah for the Democrats. IIRC in the recent past were some indications of a chink or some softening in his climate change armor. He understands there is a cabal controlling things from the top and he *knows that the only way to pull left-leaning votes away from the Democrats and disillusioned Dems away from Trump is to stay on course with the climate scam, at least for now – no deep dives into the data now. But I believe he is intelligent and well-intentioned enough, that if he takes the time to study the facts, his armor will continue to soften on this topic. IMHO

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