“Trees are feasting on decades of carbon dioxide emissions”

“Trees are feasting on decades of carbon dioxide emissions and growing bigger as a result, according to a new study of U.S. forests.

Scientists tracked wood volume in 10 different tree groups from 1997 to 2017, finding that all except aspen-birch grew larger. Over that same period, carbon dioxide levels went from 363 parts per million to 405 parts per million, owing largely to the burning of fossil fuels. More abundant CO2 accelerates photosynthesis, causing plants to grow faster, a phenomenon known as “carbon fertilization.” The findings were published in the journal Nature Communications.”

As Carbon Dioxide Grows More Abundant, Trees Are Growing Bigger, Study Finds – Yale E360

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11 Responses to “Trees are feasting on decades of carbon dioxide emissions”

  1. Steve Cooksey says:

    No surprise there. I would also expect that a young forest would utilize more CO2 than a mature tree that has mostly stopped growing. It would be better to harvest the older trees and replant.

  2. arn says:

    Quiet an achievement for a pollutant.
    Probably unique in the history universe for a harmfull stuff to be so beneficial.

    Or maybe it ain’t a pollutant but a trojan horse because we are considered to be the pollution that has to be stopped somehow.

    • Francis Barnett says:

      The fashionable rhetoric and narrative of the warmunist fakers nearly always will contain the words “carbon reduction” or “decarbonisation”

      What the ordinary Joe doesn’t seem to realise, being a carbon based life-form, is that the carbon the warmunists want to get rid of is himself..!!

      • arn says:

        Joe also never realised that he is the virus they want to get rid of with a leathal covid-vax-combination.

        In this case they did not turn reality upside down by rebranding the basic life molecule a pollutant(which means we are the pollutant)
        but also by rebranding an extremly potent and effective medicine like ivermectin a horst dewormer
        (some tv host faggot said so and everyone,especially the experts will follow like dogs)and outruling it
        but also by declaring natural immunity inexistent
        from one day to another – and all experts went along.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    A fun factoid that will explode heads of climate tragics:

    Tree Growth Near Power Stations (2010)

    …on average, over 200% more timber growth had occurred in the trees close to the power station as compared to those furthest from this significant source of carbon dioxide.

    There you go, coal-fired power stations are good for the environment…

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      So do the coal-fired plants get carbon credits? Or if they plant more trees nearby, can they get more credits?

  4. Russell Cook says:

    Well whadayaknowaboutthat …. the man who enviro-activists said was paid by fossil fuel interests to concoct disinformation back in the early 1990s has been correct the whole time about trees benefiting from more CO2

  5. Stan Grove says:

    Although the article itself is more nuanced, the headline was a bit stultifying — “Trees Are Growing Bigger.” Yeah, that’s kinda what “growing” means. What isn’t mentioned often enough in the mediaganda is that there is a fixed amount of carbon in the earth’s cycle (except for the volcanic emissions input), and once the excess is locked up again (forests are perfect for this) — we’re good. Carbon isn’t magically created from nothing every time a Trump voter starts his car or a non-vegan cow farts in Wisconsin.

  6. James Snook says:

    Oh no! That’s bad news – it means that there is more wood to burn and so wild fires will get worse ?

    • James Snook says:

      Whoops just after I posted that, Tony posted details above of another waste-of -space paper seriously making the same proposition!

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