The World’s Worst Scientists

The combination of fake scientists and fake journalists joining forces to create fake climate stories, is a fascinating phenomena. I feel privileged to get to watch this theater of the absurd play out.

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2 Responses to The World’s Worst Scientists

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Well for them, CO2 increase equals heat increase, so the tree rings indicate heat increase indirectly, but here we have a conflict. Heat is supposed to kill all life on Earth, but yet they are saying heat increases tree growth. Also, how is it that heat is destroying the economy, yet the same people are saying it is increasing plant life, and therefore animal life, i.e. making farms and forests more productive? Conflicts such as these are easily dismissed in a religion, but cannot be ignored by science.
    Everyone should have a garden. You can learn a lot about plant growth that way. Water, soil, sunlight, temperature, and CO2, all impact how “thick” the tree rings are. Heat is good, to a point, but it can also inhibit growth and damage, particularly with a lack of water. If you think about it, a degree of temperature is , in F, 1/460th increase, very small, less than .25%. A rainy year might deliver 400 to 500% more water than a normal year. Certainly that is a bigger factor. In modern times, one would expect that the scientists would be able to track temperature accurately with thermometers and not to need to fall back on tree rings. And when they do fall back onto tree rings, you would expect them to have to factor out droughts, plant plagues, and other factors. If they can do that and can still see a constant incremental increase over the last 100 years or so, you would attribute that to increased CO2, not temperature. The relationship between increased CO2 and plant growth is well established through scientific experiments, and is within the range tested, I believe, linear. The relationship between temperature and plant growth is not linear, but rather has some optimum.

  2. Richard E Fritz says:

    science crap- its about POWER- the Left- Democrats like Bernie Warren and AOC want it to get hands on TRILLIONS to spend to buy votes – the UN wants money & Power- Bill Gates is the only one really interested in doing something like- KILLING Half the humans and selling them his 20% ownership in fake FOOD

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