AI Doublespeak

ChatGPT says doubling CO2 would be an Apocalypse.  It also shows that earth thrived last time CO2 levels were this high.

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20 Responses to AI Doublespeak

  1. If you train the AI with lies, what else do you expect?

  2. John R says:

    There were airplanes during the Pliocene? Who knew.

  3. Pureblood says:

    Time for the Three Laws of Robotics.

  4. Mac says:

    Why isn’t it called “Artificial Stupidity”?

  5. arn says:

    Every primitive pocket calculator would never come up with 2 different results
    using the same equation.

    But the far more advanced AI will tell you that in the past 2+2 = 4,
    while a future 2+2= -4.

    On the other hand – everyone with 2 braincells knew long ago that every AI will be a woke,politically correct, globalist entity.

    Maybe,assuming that there is no Epstein Island for supercomputers, we will need to wait a few years for a whistleblower to tell us how massive the efforts and manipulations have been to shift the original code from Artificial Intelligence to Forced Wokeness.

    And if there is just an iota of real Intelligence inside ShatGPT the code would have started to admit,analyze and remove the contradictions.

    • William says:

      By then it will be too late. It’s already too late. If we make it that far said whistleblower will die by a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound to the back of the head. “ShatGPT”. Clever

  6. Chris says:

    Airplanes during the Middle Pliocene Warm Period…
    It’s Artificial, but not Intelligent.

    • William says:

      No no, drones. A “New Study” concluded that drones evolved from dragonflies. Even I know that

    • arn says:

      Airplane don’t do harm to the climate.

      That’s the only explanation why the the private jet fleet of billionaires pushing carbon taxes has increased by 20%+ since the start of Covid.

      And they have created so many loopholes to avoid the taxation of those jets.
      Private Jets only release the harmless Cambrian Co2.

  7. Jack the Insider says:

    You have a great person representing you Tony.

    House Republicans are accusing at least 15 powerful financial firms and advocacy groups of colluding to force major companies to address climate change and reduce fossil fuel production — harming consumers in the process.

    “You are evil,” Republican Rep. Harriet Hageman of Wyoming told group leaders Wednesday during a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing. “And what you are attempting to do — and the violations of law that you are engaged in — is absolutely stunning.”

  8. William says:

    In pre-industrial Earth we see flying whales and under water buses. Post-apocalypse, the same bus. They must be CNN “news” vans. In Global Warming Earth there are lots of wind turbines. I reckon they didn’t Save The Planet. Also the source of that bad bad CO2 – smokestacks belching water vapor fires! Ban them before it’s too late! Earth is hanging in the sky where the moon should be. AI gets confused real easy. Maybe it should be called Artificial Biden

    • Russell Cook says:

      At a bare minimum, the word “intelligence” needs to be dropped from whatever this artificial entity is that comes up with composite images. The kerfuffle about its ‘woke’ creations of historical political figures is one thing, but over in totally non-political venues, ordinary well-educated folks are laughing at the system’s total lack of knowledge of physics and ability to identify particular objects when it copies / duplicates mechanical features. I’ve seen A.”I.” images of steam locomotives and hotrod cars where the thing has no clue what it is slathering into images to embellish the look of the fake locomotive or fake car it is generating.

  9. Disillusioned says:

    That cartoon is a confusing, jumbled mess.

  10. Conrad Ziefle says:

    These are fantasy drawings to impress little children with the propaganda, much like old communist art that depicted the strength and glory of the state worker slave.
    However, in the end, artificial intelligence is like artificial butter, not very good. I’m sure they will give us the opportunity to also learn about artificial meat, too; and I’m sure we all will have the same opinion of it.
    At EpochTimes TV I listened to an interview of Mary Harrington where in she philosophizes about transhumanism. It matches well with Marxist culture because it is another fantasy idea, and Marxism embraces all fantasies, such as the drug addict, homeless guy is just as important to our culture as Einstein. This appeals to those who are closer to the drunk on the contributor scale.

  11. Bert says:

    Tony Heller demonstrates how Chat GPT responded with canned propaganda to his questions. It is programmed to lie, facts don’t count. The saying “garbage in, garbage out” still applies.

  12. JeffK says:

    During 1930s factory closures, when air soot pollution declined, it caused a global heat waves for years.
    Same thing happening now: closed coal plants, industries + “clean diesel” cut air soot = hotter, humid, more clouds, storms, urban floods.
    Return the soot ???

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