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Wind power is inherently unreliable and requires full backup from reliable energy sources. The UK has some of the highest electricity rates in the world, because their politicians believe their own lies.

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  1. Francis Barnett says:

    The dismantling of our local illegal wind turbines has begun.

    I drove past the site today and the tower crane to deal with the first turbine has been erected.

    Quote from one of the locals:-
    “The fight will be over when we have recovered the last bolt”

    I recognise the old lad in the red scarf from our local bar – cheerful old soul !

    • Vive la France.

      Let us hope the politicians throughout Europe see the writing on the wall with the collapse of support for the Greens. At last they are being exposed as useful idiots providing a front for Malthusian psychopaths. Boris Johnson, who promoted this nonsense so vigorously, is finished.

  2. oeman50 says:

    But Tony, the wind is always blowing somewhere, except for when it’s not.

  3. jb says:

    Excellent vid: the logic is impeccable. Thus, the warm-mongers won’t be able to follow it. 1billion x 0 == 0!!!. Plus, those windmills are an eyesore.

    • Disillusioned says:


      Yes. They are a blight on the landscape.

      A few years ago I drove west through the grain belt to Colorado. Of the myriad wind turbines, at least half of them were stalled rather than turning.

  4. Denis Rushworth says:

    The rapid changes in wind power and the gas power needed to accommodate such rapid drops shown in your charts suggests that in a dual wind/gas grid powering system, many or perhaps most of the gas turbines will have to be single cycle machines, maintained on hot standby and ready to produce power at an instant. If this is true, it is not clear that such a system reduces CO2 emissions compared to an all gas system where the majority of the power is produced by more fuel-efficient dual-cycle gas machines. Single cycle machines are notoriously fuel inefficient at low power. That is why, along with their very hot exhaust temperature, is why they are not used to power cars. Some will burn as much as 40% of their full-power fuel consumption just to remain on hot standby. Perhaps someone smarter than I can calculate just what the CO2 emission “savings” result from a dual wind/gas system compared to an all-gas system and calculate the corresponding construction and operating costs of each. Tony?

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