Historic Heatwave

The press says we are having an historic heatwave in the US, with record breaking temperatures.

Only one of the 1,218 USHCN stations set their record temperature through June 22 this year.

Through June 23, most USHCN record temperatures are above 100F.

This year the peak is much lower, centered around 90F.

The percent of stations reaching 90F sometime from January 1 to June 23 is sixteenth lowest on record.

On this date in 1988, we had an actual heatwave.

Jun 11, 1986, page 2 – Jackson County Floridan at Newspapers.com

Jun 24, 1988, page 1 – The Miami News at Newspapers.com

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11 Responses to Historic Heatwave

  1. Bob G says:

    Anybody paying attention to the media the last two weeks knows that 96 is the new 106. lol. where I live, in the southern half of Minnesota, we haven’t had a single 90° day yet this year and that goes for the twin cities too,, and there are no 90 degree days in the 10-day forecast. so in 1988 a so-called expert said dry years are The New normal. in Minnesota we had a very wet year a few years ago and a local so-called expert said that was The New normal, which of course was followed by a couple dry years.

    • Disillusioned says:

      It is uncanny how often the prognosticators of doom claim “new normal” close to the cusp of change. I have seen it over and over. And, none will admit that they blew it.

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        My cousin has been posting the Oklahoma weather forecasts on Facebook, and they always are the heat index temperatures, which if I recall are not the temperature, but the humidity adjusted temperature. They are like children with a new toy, “This is higher than the actual temperature? Okay let’s use that!”

        • Disillusioned says:

          You are correct. It is not the temperature. It is the “feels like” temperature.

          The problem with that HI manipulation is, when you live in a region which is traditionally humid in the summer (like where I live), it has always felt that way to you. So, the “feels like” temperature, blasted through the airways like a megaphone, manipulates feeble minds to assume it is worse than it used to be.

  2. William says:

    Here in western MA we peaked at 93 on one day and that was recorded in a parking lot. Ordinarily when we have an extended period of hot weather the local DG overstocks fans and puts them up front. Not this time. And whenever we are in the midst of a media-driven “crisis” people talk about it. The consensus with this “record-breaking heatwave” has been that the warmth is rather pleasant – “I love it!” Today we are projected to top out at 71. A record low high for the date? probably not but maybe within ten degrees. That’s close enough for “near record” if the putrid media was inclined to say we are in a period of unnaturally cold weather. Caused by Global Heating of course. And the BadOrangeMan

  3. Terry Shipman says:

    Tony, I have memorized some statistics I got from your site on the second week of July in 1936. I cite these to people who are deluded into believing that the past few years have been historic in terms of heat. I end that by citing the all-time high reading here in Arkansas of 120 degrees on August 10th 1936. I then tell them that almost half of the states’ high temperature records were set in the 1930’s. That really surprises them.

    It’s this little thing called “history.”

    • Mike says:

      The lack of Historical education on facts terrifies me cuz we have at our fingertips access to the greatest trove of knowledge ever…but people are still low info. And YES I have caught the news using Heat index numbers as ‘This is a heat wave’. AND we have Air Conditioning! Imagine 113°F ambient without AC??

  4. MLH says:

    Boots on the ground observation here in the Pacific Northwest is unseasonably cold; in fact, it’s the coolest spring in the twenty-five years I’ve been here. A late-killing frost rendered the orchard without cherries, plumbs, or pears.

  5. Jimmy Haigh says:

    What they are doing is getting these ridiculous headlines printed now so that they are recorded for posterity. It doesn’t matter that they are lies. When a future Tony Heller looks back at old newspaper headlines all he will have will be the lies.

  6. Bill says:

    I love the realclimatetools.com website, but you need to add a quick note regarding your data sources. At present, it is getting more and more difficult to find any references to the US Historical Climatology Network; it is typically referenced as part of a Global network that only dates from 1989.

    If you look on the Internet now, the USHCN has basically been scrubbed. The only references do not include any date of origin; you’d never get the impression that it was founded in the late nineteenth century, that it shows how hot the 1930’s were, etc.

    This is important because even bright kids are not taught anything useful in school. My thirty year-old son is quite bright, but wasn’t surprised to find that he couldn’t get any temperature data on our home town before 1960. He also thinks that satellite data that measures temperature in the atmosphere is the gold standard of temperature data, even though there really isn’t any before the 1980’s.


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