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Nothing in this Scientific American article has anything to with science.  It looks like propaganda from Langley or Ft. Meade.

“CLIMATEWIRE | In November 2022, the United Nations resolved that Russia should pay reparations for the losses, damages and injuries caused by its invasion of Ukraine. Now, some scientists say those payments should include compensation for climate damage, too.

The first two years of the war have produced at least 175 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new report by the Initiative on GHG Accounting of War, a network of scientists investigating the climate impacts of Russia’s war.

That’s the equivalent of about $32 billion in damages, they say.

Their calculation uses a figure known as the social cost of carbon, a metric designed to estimate the economic costs of greenhouse gas emissions. A recent study put that cost at around $185 per ton of CO2, which is the figure the new report used. That’s less than the Biden administration’s own estimate, which prices the social cost of carbon at $190 per ton.

“The Russian Federation can be held accountable for these emissions and the resulting damage to the global climate as, without its act of aggression, these [greenhouse gas] emissions would not have happened,” the report says.”

Russia’s War in Ukraine Has Produced $32 Billion in Climate Damage | Scientific American

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27 Responses to Science-Free Journalism

  1. Once again the UN demonstrates what a useless waste of money it is.

  2. arn says:

    It gets more and more obvious that climate change is a tool
    to subjugate and squeeze money out of everything.
    From war to cow farts – it can be used for everything(way more effective than racism etc)

    And where are the compensations for Iraq,Lybia,Syria,Afghanistan.

    And considering that there are 3.2trillion metric tons of co2 in our atmosphere
    the universe or god owns those people,especially Scientists,Ukraine
    and journalismfree journalists 600 trillion bucks.

    Interessting btw that the non existing pollution with co2 is a thing
    but the contamination with depleted uranium is not,
    or the destruction of dams and pipelines(thats ‘why noone ever asks here for reperations,as the culprit is known)

  3. William says:

    So that’s the reason we are now entering an “epic” and “dangerous” heat wave here in the Northeast quadrant of the former USA – it’s the Russians! A few days of low 90’s in late June falls far short of “epic” IMHO. Humidity is relatively low and there is a nice breeze. Rather pleasant actually. Thanks Russia! But shouldn’t Ukraine and Natostan be held equally responsible for all of that innocuous CO2? They started the war with continuous provocations of Russia from 2014 onward and by rejecting two peace proposals (Minsk accords) with the only conditions being to stop treating the Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine like second class animals and to not join NATO. The cocaine dwarf Zelensky had pen in hand and was ready to sign but was dissuaded by errand boy Boris Johnson who said no worries, don’t sign it, NATO has your back, we’ll give you obsolete F-16’s that you can’t fly and that will turn the tide. So now Ukraine, a geopolitical construct cobbled together by Stalin, is being crushed and dismembered, it is emptying out, and a gazillion tons of CO2 are being added to the atmosphere causing epic but pleasant heat waves. And objective reality has been canceled. Sad

    • Pureblood says:

      You know the facts about that War. Thank you Sir and know this…Zelenskyy dropped Butterfly Bombs on East UKRANIANS after he became Heil…President. this Fall vote Trump, screw the R Party except for a few of America can be saved.

      • William says:

        Eastern Ukraine is where the Russians are. W. Ukraine is what will be left postwar, a backwards agrarian rump state that nobody wants. Mr Z outlawed opposition parties and canceled the election. The compromised losers from “both” parties send 150 billion to Ukraine, most of it laundered back, to “support democracy”. Surreal. Pureblood eh? That’s..that’s..racis’! 🙂 The alternative is to be a good little complier and get injected, plus infinity “boosters”, with an experimental concoction of tentacled artificial lifeforms, graphene oxide, mystery nanocomponents, and 11 secret herbs and spices. What could possibly go wrong? I Asked My Doctor if the jab was right for me. He said absolutely yes. Me: You’re fired!

    • arn says:

      If errand boy Johnson, who btw had the same Goldman Sachs mentor as Sunak (Merkels Goldman Sachs mentor was someone else),
      then even a turkish errand boy from England is wielding more power in UK
      raine than the UK rainian president.

      btw – the lie has become so obvious and so big
      that NATO leader Stoltenberg had today 2 Freudian slips within 5 seconds about NATO pilots in Ukraine.

  4. Michael L Dee says:

    I laugh (or cry) at the “Cost of Carbon” claims. Totally fictitious number designed to make the Green vs Traditional Cost/Benefit analysis seem favorable for “Green”.

    Do you suppose the “Cost of Carbon” calculation includes the obvious benefit that higher CO2 yields 10-12% greater crop yields? If not, then it is an obvious fraud.

    I also wonder if we should be using a “Cost of Not Carbon” parameter. This would be the costs born to humanity if we didn’t have carbon based fuels to run our agriculture, heat our homes, etc.

    In the immortal words of Thomas Sowell: The Left always stops the story half way through.

  5. Michael L Dee says:

    I proposed (and got written as a Bill in the NYS Senate) the following law (condensed):

    All infrastructure used in the mining, processing, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of NET ZERO infrastructure in pursuit of NYS CLCPA Climate Goals shall be produced using only Net Zero Energy sources.

    Of course, the Dems won’t even let it out of committee.

    I guess they don’t really care about Net Zero goals, eh?

    • William says:

      Of course they don’t care, Net Zero is window dressing, irrelevant fluff. They care about one thing only – power. Orwell: The purpose of power is power

    • Robertvd says:

      Meanwhile to produce cheaper Europe has been moving most of its industry to China. Even most of europe’s medicines are produced in China. And all that stuff has to be shipped to Europe. Net Zero is a lie.

      But we will not use Russian oil and gas, because that would make Europe dependent.

  6. oeman50 says:

    And while we’re at it, let’s charge them for all the CO2 they are abetting by selling oil and gas to other countries. That should multiply the ‘compensation” accounting by double digits! That should increase what we get from the Russians by 0%.

  7. Laurie says:

    Hmm, I wonder how much they estimate Boris Johnson, and those he serves, owes in reparations…

  8. Chris says:

    But it offsets the dead russians and ukrainians who no longer eat beef and flatulate.
    It’s actually a wash.

  9. Conrad Ziefle says:

    The winner will dictate the penalties and terms, reparations, etc. I don’t think that the winner is yet determined. Anything can happen.

    • William says:

      The winner in conventional terms is obviously Russia. NATO, meaning the US, will nevertheless continue to fight to the last Ukrainian and it is talking about “surging” 300K troops to the front. Which isn’t possible now, the infrastructure for such an operation no longer exists. Even if it was possible they would be slaughtered. Which leaves the nuclear option, the “anything” you mentioned. The West is in freefall, the global South is ascendant. Rather than accept and adapt to that new reality the US strategy will devolve to the old Cold War doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction

  10. Bob G says:

    what a difference a couple days makes. wasn’t it only two days ago that the experts were predicting high temps in Central Park New York we’re going to hit 100 by Thursday. new forecast says 91, maybe 92. Mark Twain had a great line on the speculation done by experts. but back then they didn’t have television and radio to carry that water

  11. Paul Marks says:

    If they want to play this game perhaps they would like to mention who blow up the Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic.

  12. Timo, not that one says:

    Shouldn’t they give Putney an award or something. He has pretty much shut down all of Ukraine’s thermal power generation.
    Think of the CO2 reduction.

  13. Bob G says:

    the Northeast heat wave has been in the news a lot the last few days. we keep hearing it’s too early for hot weather. really? we are 20% of the way through meteorological summer. in my view there’s nothing early about this heat wave. we’ve heard that Caribou Maine has tied an all time record high of 96. I thought I’d do a little checking and see how far back the records go there. I went to when you type in Caribou Maine it gives you presque Isle information which is a town 13 miles away. I can’t find any records that go before 1948. that’s not a very long track record. completely misses the hot Summers of the 1930s.

  14. It shows us just how big the global warming slush fund must be when such trashy ‘science’ can be produced.

  15. Bob G says:

    I don’t know how far back the records go for Caribou Maine. but probably don’t go back to the 1930s. granted 96 is a hot day but it’s not anywhere close to the state record of Maine which is 105 in 1911. the New Brunswick record was set at Woodstock New Brunswick only 40 miles away from caribou and that record is 103 in 1935. I think it’s safe to say Caribou Maine has been a lot hotter than 96 sometime in the past 150 years.

    • William says:

      The 1911 heat wave in New England was catastrophic. Thousands died. The 96 in Caribou was probably recorded in a parking lot. In my town in Northern Berkshire they predicted a high of 97 for one day. There are five weather stations here and one of them is an outlier. Once located in a field it is now in the middle of a sea of asphalt and it always records temps that are 2-4 degrees warmer than the other four. They got a reading of 93, the others 90 and 91. The “epic” heat wave was a big nothing. Nobody died, the elderly weren’t crowding into “cooling centers”. We live in an age of truth and lies, of dueling realities

  16. Thurman Zhou says:

    WOW! be still my beating heart! 175 million Metric tons! Why don’t they use grams like one alarmist’s site? The last year I had a good number for co2 produced was 38 Billion Metric Tonnes. Of course, they’d be no problem if Putin was using EV tanks and electro rays. Or may just blow Chernobyl.
    Funny thing about co2 when you look at where most of the co2 is being produced, there is a area that starts in South America and run across Africa, the Middle East, India, and China.

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