Maldives Refuse To Drown

The Maldives were supposed to drown by 2018, but they refuse to cooperate with the world’s leading climate experts.

” gradual rise in average sea level is threatening to completely cover this Indian Ocean nation of 1196 small islands with-in the next 30 years, according to authorities.”

Mon 26 Sep 1988

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands – Trove

“One study that rounded up scientists’ data on 709 islands across the Pacific and Indian Oceans showed that nearly 89 percent either had increased in area or hadn’t changed much in recent decades. Only 11 percent had contracted.”

June 27, 2024

A Surprising Climate Find – The New York Times

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36 Responses to Maldives Refuse To Drown

  1. roaddog says:

    I so miss the Maldives.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    That climate report is going to have his license taken away for pointing out inconvenient truths.

  3. Bill says:

    I just finished watching your video “Erasing the Dust Bowl” from a couple of years ago –

    It really is a perfect video; it’s concise, it makes all of its points and it’s easy for non-scientists to understand.

    I’d point out that it’s easy to lie about and erase history by tampering with or ignoring records; the past is over – we don’t have a time machine to go back and view it directly.

    Maybe that’s why they’ve decided on a “Surprising Climate Find” narrative for these islands. Because the Maldives are still there! You can see them! Most are growing, a few are shrinking. They can’t just make up fake data about the size of islands that can clearly be seen in satellite photos taken whenever we want.

    • arn says:

      The “surprising climate find ” was only surprising for experts.
      Deniers knew it all along.

      Imagine a world where coastlines are not changing,
      where many sea level Mega Cities exist without being affected by sea level rise in any way,
      where front beach properties are rising and rising,
      where sea level rise is the same as it was 100 and 200 years
      etc etc –
      one really needs to be totally full of shit ,or a climate expert, to be surprised that the Maledives are not disappearing.
      (+ we need to keep in mind that there are probably 1000s of tiny flat islands on this planet that will disappear before the Maledives loses 10 % of its land to the sea )

      • Sea level rise is akin to the Roman Catholic doctrine on transubstantiation.The host looks like, feels like and tastes like bread but it ‘really’ is the body of Christ. Despite the total absence of evidence, we must by faith believe the sea level is rising, because it is ta central holy doctrine of the climate religion.

        Even in regions where the opposite is clearly happening, we must contrive an ad hoc explanation of the phenomenon, which somehow retains the fundamental belief. The high priests have declared that ‘deniers’ should be put in prison, just as the Inquisition had heretics burned at the stake.

        Talking heads repeat the litany, divorced totally from reality of record temperatures, unprecedented forest fires, increased frequencies of hurricanes and tornadoes… And that is all it is; religious incantations by which the participants confess their faith, and separate themselves from the heathen unbelievers.

        Just as in the Middle Ages the faithful saw the hand of God in every event, the modern religious zealot, having denied the traditional deity turns to a substitute. This is nothing new. Take a look at Rom 1:22-32, for a fairly accurate description of modern Western civilization.

        • arn says:

          Who would have thought that the religion of atheism would turn out to be the craziest and most rigid ?

        • Conrad Ziefle says:

          Pretty succinct analogy. It appears that charlatans rise quickly in every religion, and the peasants grovel at their feet, not out of stupidity, but to avoid being burned at the stake.

      • Mike says:

        Denier??? I deal in Scientific fact not AGW voodoo.

  4. Bob G says:

    summer off to a cool start in Minnesota. First time the Twin Cities has not experienced 90 degrees before July in a decade

  5. Francis Barnett says:

    The Maldives sea-level rise scam.

    From Dr Nils Axel Morner to the president of the Maldives.

    “You have recently held an undersea Cabinet meeting to raise awareness of the idea that global sea level is rising and hence threatens to drown the Maldives. This proposition is not founded in observational facts and true scientific judgements, Accordingly it is incorrect. Therefore, I am most surprised at your action and must protest to its intended message”

  6. John B says:

    Climate reporter discovers geology and coastal processes.

  7. mwhite says:

    Interesting video
    louis bodies dementia.

  8. Bob G says:

    the sun in Minnesota just said about a half hour ago. it’s now almost dark. just came in from my front porch wearing a jacket. check out the link of current temperatures in Minnesota they range from 48 to the low 60s. but cool summer days don’t make the news.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Thanks for the link! I think it will be my replacement for Accuweather, which has links to Climate disinformation articles on every page.

  9. Bob G says:

    now 1:20 in the morning. temperature now down to 39° in Hibbing Minnesota. ( that’s where Bob Dylan and Kevin McHale grew up). will the cold temps make national news? no.

  10. Caleb Shaw says:

    The accidental, and good, side to all the wailing, end-of-the-world Alarmism is that it makes people sit down and study the truth of what is actually occurring. And then we learn how wonderful our planet actually is. I had no clue how islands actually built themselves higher until terrified Alarmists stated they were doomed to sink.

    In like manner, the fear an ice-free Pole would cause a catastrophe made me study the past, and learn that the Arctic Ocean had been ice-free in the past without triggering world-wide roasting. Instead it brought about climate “optimums” and good times for the people of the north-lands. What is more likely to trigger hardship is insane green policies.

    So far it is surprisingly cool at the Pole.

  11. dm says:

    The climate alarmists who transition into geologists will claim islands float and that this concept is as fundamentally important as continental drift;-}

    • Bob G says:

      Will claim? Democrat congressman Hank Johnson has already claimed that. A decade ago he claimed that the island of Guam is in danger of capsizing. lol. it’s been said we get the government we deserve.

    • Mike says:

      Well Congressman Hank Johnson believes Guam can flip over so..?

  12. Disillusioned says:

    Global Climate Insanity intensifies:

    Demark is determined to ruin their economy and rid the country of cattle (and livestock farmers and their families). “With today’s agreement, we are investing billions in the biggest transformation of the Danish landscape in recent times…. At the same time, we will be the first country in the world with a (carbon) tax on agriculture.”

    • arn says:

      Incredible how extremely useful the co2 ( tax) is to ruin and control everything.
      As if it was created on purpose (just like a virus,the IMF,FED etc)
      to serve a tiny group of people with global ambitions.

      Anyway – canned lifestock will be future bitcoin in Danemark.
      Considering that Danemark ,compared to earth surface,
      is even tinier than co2 in our atmosphere this tax will for sure save the planet 🙂

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      And we take the land back from the peasants without even one elite having to pay with his head.

      • Lenin set the precedent by hanging the ‘kulaks’, people who knew how to farm and were aware that the agricultural collectives would be a disaster. Obviously, the state knows better than the real experts, better listen to the ‘science’ according to Lysenco, based as it is on political dogma.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Even the very people who will be wiped out by this “reforestation” land grab, are cuckoo for cocoa puffs: “We recognize that there is a climate problem… But we do not believe that this agreement will solve the problems, because it will put a spoke in the wheel of agriculture’s green investments.”

      There is no climate problem. But the global fascists are pushing fast ahead with and for Agenda 2030, using a fictitious “climate crisis” as the scapegoat. The massive disinformation campaign, which has intensified over the last decade, makes me boiling mad.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Elsewhere, Le Pen.

    • Bob G says:

      I think too much is being made of Joe’s dementia. he had nothing to sell. Houdini would have had a tough time selling what Joe’s given us the last 3 years. changing subjects I was just looking at the US drought index and the only area in a severe drought is far south east New Mexico. that’s where Carlsbad New Mexico is located. I looked up their average annual precipitation and it’s 13 and 1/2 in.. that’s desert numbers in a good year.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Funny. Even the Aussies see it.

  13. Richard E Fritz says:

    next up Al Gore will show a boat of refugees as they flip over near Italy and say its the Maldives sinking caused a tidal wave to flip boat

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