Game Over For The Climate

Another look at the integrity and veracity-free world of the press and #ClimateScam academics.

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15 Responses to Game Over For The Climate

  1. Bob G says:

    But Tony, Michael Mann is distinguished!!! lol. so Mr hockey Stick is at the Penn center. Isn’t that the same place that Joe Biden keeps some of his stolen classified documents? so China controls the man-made CO2 knob. isn’t China the place that Hunter Biden gets some of his funding to buy nose candy? and doesn’t China benefit every time slow Joe restricts mining in the United States? That China? I just checked the forecast for Caribou Maine. no 90° days in the 10-day forecast. I was at an outdoor concert tonight in southern Minnesota. I made the mistake of wearing shorts. it got pretty chilly by 9:00 p.m.. with meteorological summer almost a third over I’m wondering if we’re going to get any hot weather this summer in Minnesota. I’ll close with quoting the late John Daly from Australia. still waiting for the greenhouse.

  2. The stalling of economic activity during the lock downs demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that neither the carbon dioxide concentration nor the surface temperature has anything to do with human activity. In any case, CO2 concentration has only second or third order transient effects on temperature. The underpinning theory is thermodynamic nonsense.

    A typical appeal to emotions, keep repeating the lie, while suppressing actual facts. Dr Goebbels would be proud. The EPA regulations ought to be ratified by Congress, they ought to be no more than recommendations. Reducing the power of an unaccountable bureaucracy isn’t fascism, but democracy. An outfit that declares CO2 a pollutant should be simply disbanded as a waste of taxpayer’s money.

    • Political slogans take the form of a triad, which is easily remembered so that it can be chanted mindlessly by the masses, to prevent them from actually thinking. The propagandists triad is:

      Rely on emotion
      Repeat the lie
      Suppress the facts

      The MSNBC piece illustrates this perfectly. Use this triad to detect when somebody is trying to con you.

      • Bob G says:

        And in a debate add a fourth: smear your opponent. that will be Joe Biden’s main tactic later tonight.

        • The massses are too stupid to remember four things. Three is the limit.

        • Disillusioned says:

          I think smearing Trump was the training tactic of his handlers. Sleepy Joe Biden’s tactic was to try and stay awake, remember his lines – and to not look as if he’d seen a ghost from all the uppers they had pumped into him before the debate…

          Oh, and while lying his arse off about everything under the Sun – to continue with the incredible meme that he never lies and always tells the truth.

  3. Bob G says:

    I just want to add, politicians used to make promises that were possible to achieve like a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. now politicians make promises that are totally detached from reality such as I’m going to change the climate if you vote for me and sadly apparently half the public believes it and the half that doesn’t gets smeared by the left stream press.

  4. Gamecock says:

    The commie Left embraces invisible issues, ignoring real issues.

    H/t Tyrus

  5. Michael Dee says:

    You know that Climate Catastrophism is a religion when you see how many of the myrmidons consider Michael Mann to be some form of deity.

    Interestingly, I have never once witnessed the application of scientific method by Mann. Has anyone seen an example of anything but conjecture?”

    Won’t matter, though, because AOC announced in 2018 that the world would end by 2030. See y’all later.

  6. James Lovern says:

    I’ve noticed Tony’s last post (06/27/24) was taken down by YouTube, the same platform that banned me for commenting about how every human born with chromosomes will die with the same chromosomes, be they XX or XY. YouTube managers are enemies of truth, equal justice, and the US Constitution.

  7. frank says:

    I am looking for a YT video from Tony or some interview he had within the past five or six months in which he discussed the fact checkers getting their facts wrong about him, for example his real name was Steven Goddard. He did a good job of putting all that misinformation down. I would like to reference it in future comments here and elsewhere.

  8. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Shouldn’t the DNC list MSNBC as an advertising subsidiary?

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