Raising Arizona

NOAA thermometers show that Arizona has cooled almost a degree since 1950.

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That doesn’t bode well for NOAA’s global warming agenda, so they created a completely imaginary data set to present to the public.

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Climate at a Glance | Time Series

They accomplished this amazing feat by massively cooling the past, and massively warming the present.

NOAA commits temperature fraud across the entire planet, but no place more than in Arizona.

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I was attending ASU in 1974, the year when they had 18 consecutive days over 110F. We had no air conditioning in the fraternity house.

The record for consecutive days of 110+ temperatures is 18. This was set back in June of 1974. The record heat wave began June 12th and ended on June 29th

What is the most consecutive days of 110 degrees and above?


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2 Responses to Raising Arizona

  1. Chewer says:

    Also during that timeframe, Lackland AFB set record black flag days and I do remember the heat, especially coming from the U.P of Michigan…

  2. slimething says:

    This is funny you bring this up Steve. I at that time was age 12 with my mother visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Phoenix for two weeks. He worked for Honeywell as a mainframe engineer. I remember getting off the plane and it feeling like an oven; the stay there was not very pleasant but it cooled down after the July 4 fireworks when we left. Yep, I remember seeing the thermometers topping 110 (114 sticks out for the day we arrived) and saying there’s no way I’d want to live there being a Michigander where hitting 90 was a rare event.

    I also recall us driving in the desert and my sister pointing out the mega neighborhoods that consisted of only street signs and sales promotions on the billboards. I thought it was a joke.

    At the time my brother-in-law had a 1972 Buick Electra he drove that had a propane tank in the trunk which allowed him to drive much further when both tanks were filled.

    Thanks for stoking the memories.

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