Heidi And Andrew : The Shape Shifters

September 27th, 2012

drought to persist from the High Plains all the way to the West Coast, including the Pacific Northwest

The drought is the worst to strike the U.S. since the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s and lengthy droughts of the 1950s. It came on suddenly and largely without warning, and although the main trigger was most likely the pattern of water temperatures in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the drought was exacerbated by extremely hot temperatures during the spring and summer. Climate studies have shown that the odds of severe heat waves are increasing due to man made climate change.

Another Week Brings More Pessimistic Drought News | Climate Central

One year ago this week, Andrew Freedman said global warming caused Pacific Northwest drought. Now it causes too much precipitation in the Pacific Northwest.

September 30th, 2013

In Seattle and Olympia, Wash., Sept. 28 was the wettest September day on record. In Seattle, 1.71 inches of rain fell, which was more rain than typically falls during the entire month.

A study published earlier this year found that climate change may contribute to the growth of atmospheric rivers, increasing the threat of associated flooding.

‘Atmospheric River’ Smashes Records in Pacific Northwest | Climate Central

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10 Responses to Heidi And Andrew : The Shape Shifters

  1. Latitude says:

    I once dated someone that did this exact same thing……

  2. dp says:

    We had no drought and this past week we’ve had nothing but a nasty windy deluge of rain so heavy at times it is impossible to see across the street. We can barely see the salmon crossing the roadways! For an example of observed vs modeled reality I give you the drought of 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWACN1p4qjA

  3. Don says:

    On Saturday, 9/28/13, in a suburb of Seattle, I was standing alongside a stormwater retention pond watching the water overtop the concrete walls and flood the bioswale. Maybe Andrew (and builders) just need a longer perspective. Precip. records for Seattle: 24 hr – 5.03″ ( 10/20/2003); Month – 15.9″(12/1888); Year – 57.6″ (1879). Remember, it doesn’t rain much in the Pac NW, it just rains often.

  4. Byron says:

    Superstorm Jerry has formed in the Atlantic right over the deep ocean. Just sayin’.

  5. gofer says:

    I get it, climate change causes weather. What a revelation!

  6. Don says:

    — This represents the highest areal coverage in the 12-year history of the Drought Monitor analysis, topping last week’s record. —

    Well there you have it, a 12 year database is all we need to have some settled science. Ain’t life grand!

  7. phodges says:

    Gonna be a fat winter 😉

    Already snowed twice. We have gotten 14 and 16 inches of water in a couple of days from those atmospheric rivers.

    That’s a lot of snow.

  8. Andy DC says:

    We are getting a little nasty weather! That is very profound and amazing! On the other hand, in March 2012, when we had perfect weather, that was considered extreme as well.

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