How Science Is Done In Obama Soviet Republics

It is easy for banana republic dictators to get the science results they want. Simply purge anyone who doesn’t espouse the politically desired viewpoint.

Sally Jewell: ‘I Hope There Are No Climate Change Deniers In The Department Of Interior’

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society,” Obama said

Obama mocks skeptics of climate change as ‘flat-Earth society’ – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

This is of course the exact opposite of what he promised to do.

March 9, 2009

Obama wants to depoliticize science

The memorandum will order the Office of Science and Technology Policy to “assure a number of effective standards and practices that will help our society feel that we have the highest-quality individuals carrying out scientific jobs and that information is shared with the public,” said Harold Varmus, who co-chairs Obama’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology.

Obama wants to depoliticize science – The Boston Globe

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8 Responses to How Science Is Done In Obama Soviet Republics

  1. If Obama can choose what laws he will obey, we can choose not to obey his laws.

  2. Smokey says:

    It is EASY to depoliticize science! Simply stop shoveling public tax money into “studies”.

    More than $100 BILLION has been wasted on ‘climate change studies’ since 2001.

    If you want pigeons, spread peanuts around. If you want climate scares, spread grant money around.

    As with just about everything, you get what you pay for…

    • mogur2013 says:

      Wouldn’t want grant money to spread climate scares. By golly, we just need Jesus to tell us that CO2 is our friend. No need for technical advancement, nor basic scientific knowledge… the four corners of the earth are held up by pillars, and no dern govmint smart aleck can say otherwise. I’m a gol-dern armchair genius and I say them socialistic fascists are ruining this country, the god-given best country that this world has ever seen. And if I have anything to say about it, this country will stay the best, as long as we give no credence to technology, nor let science screw with what I know by my common sense to be the ultimate truth. And that truth is that all gol-dern scientists are corrupt pansy-assed fakirs and that God chose us as his soldiers.

      • ROFLMAO

        You wouldn’t be using your computer without technology I developed during my years at Intel, ATI, IBM, Motorola, ST Micro, Compaq and Silicon Graphics.

        The key IPCC people don’t know jack shit about how to use technology, much less create it. These are genuinely useless parasites on society.

  3. Walt Allensworth says:

    Transparency is for times when the other guy is in power…

  4. Jimbo says:

    WHAT!? 0blamea LIED!? Say it isn’t SO!!!
    If it weren’t for double standards, the incompetent, arrogant, lying, narcissistic ignorant community organizer would have no standards at all…

  5. Reblogged this on Power To The People and commented:
    Obama does not want to know the truth. The truth would destroy the delusion he is a man of the people when the exact opposite is true. Obama is a man of the 1% who have put humanity on trial for the crime of progress. Fossil Fuel is the enemy that must be destroyed because “if everybody’s raising living standards to the point where everybody’s got a car, and everybody’s got air conditioning, and everybody’s got a big house the planet will boil over” Obama and his cohorts in the IPCC have found humanity guilty of destroying the planet for the crime of progress and their sentence is a life time of poverty and servitude.

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