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Global Warming Causes Severe Facial Swelling And Hideous Toupees

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Voltaire Explained The Politics Of Global Warming

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

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10 Things The Archbishop Needs To Know About Climate Change

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How The Big Lie Is Being Constructed

There are two key components to the big climate lie. Tampering with temperature data Lying about climate history. The goal is to convince people that the climate is “getting worse” and that it will continue to “get worse.“ Climate change … Continue reading

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Tipping Point Reached

The US and UN are going full steam ahead with the big climate lie. YOKOHAMA, Japan (AP) — If the world doesn’t cut pollution of heat-trapping gases, the already noticeable harms of global warming could spiral “out of control,” the … Continue reading

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US Vs. The World

A favorite scam of alarmists is to say that the US temperature trend is different from the rest of the world, but there isn’t a serious scientist on the planet who believes the US trend could diverge from the global trend … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuels And Social Justice

Global warming hysteria is taking its toll on the poor and elderly. Biofuels have raised the cost of food, and green regulations have made electricity prices skyrocket. Without fossil fuels, tens of millions would have frozen this winter in the … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Gulag

All of the warning signs are here. Scientists being funded to create a big lie Brown shirts being whipped up into hysteria over the big lie Kook and Nutter funded by government to create a fraudulent 97% consensus for climate … Continue reading

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March 28th Global Sea Ice Area Is Ninth Highest On Record

March 28th global sea ice area is ninth highest on record, and higher than every year from 1983 to 1993. Experts say that polar amplification and sea ice loss are centerpieces of global warming theory.

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IPCC Conclusions Were Reached Years Before Any Of The Science Was Done

The IPCC reached desperately alarmist conclusions in 2009, before any of the research had been done. pachauri_and_the_ipcc_no_fossil_fool.pdf

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