Cherry Picking For Fun And Profit

Today’s climate scam of the day is blaming heavy rain on “global warming” (That is when they are not blaming drought on global warming)

In the last decade record-breaking rainfall events have occurred in many places around the world causing severe impacts to human society and the environment including agricultural losses and floodings. There is now medium confidence that human-induced greenhouse gases have contributed to changes in heavy precipitation events at the global scale. Here, we present the first analysis of record-breaking daily rainfall events using observational data. We show that over the last three decades the number of record-breaking events has significantly increased in the global mean. Globally, this increase has led to 12 % more record-breaking rainfall events over 1981–2010 compared to those expected in stationary time series. The number of record-breaking rainfall events peaked in 2010 with an estimated 26 % chance that a new rainfall record is due to long-term climate change. This increase in record-breaking rainfall is explained by a statistical model which accounts for the warming of air and associated increasing water holding capacity only. Our results suggest that whilst the number of rainfall record-breaking events can be related to natural multi-decadal variability over the period from 1901 to 1980, observed record-breaking rainfall events significantly increased afterwards consistent with rising temperatures.

Increased record-breaking precipitation events under global warming – Online First – Springer

Here in the US, there has been an increase in heavy rainfall events since the 1950’s. However, there has been a large decrease in heavy rainfall events since the 19th century, when NASA says temperatures were very cold.

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If you are a climate scamster, a favorite technique is to cherry-pick the most misleading interval possible – and blame it on global warming.

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9 Responses to Cherry Picking For Fun And Profit

  1. Paul Homewood says:

    I’m always suspicious of daily extremes in rainfall. The more stations you monitor, the more extremes you will find.

    I have done loads of analysis for the UK, and can find no evidence of more extreme daily rain.

    For instance

  2. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    What if your doctor told you he had medium confidence you didn’t have cancer.

    • Lance says:

      Well, Mr. Louis, I’d get another opinion.
      Your attempt at an “either or” test is lame and moot.

      What if your doctor told you that he would splash chicken bones on the table and examine your fate if only you would enslave your future progeny and enslave yourself?

      How about them apples? You like apples, don’t you?

      • Louis Hooffstetter says:

        Lance, you nailed it! There’s hope for you yet.

        Your analogy of splashing chicken bones on the table to determine one’s fate is exactly how the climate witch doctors determined “There is now medium confidence that human-induced greenhouse gases have contributed to changes in heavy precipitation events at the global scale.”

        They certainly didn’t use empirical data.

    • Lance says:

      What if your doctor told you he had absolute confidence that you didn’t have cancer. And then you die of cancer. Exactly what are you going to do about that lying bastard once you are dead? Your empty logic leaves me stunned.

      You eco fanatic lying rats always bring out the “well, what if it happens to be correct” excuse as some way of covering up the fact that you don’t know sh!t and and can’t guarantee anything, but you definitely want to impose your feelings on everyone else and make them pay for the privilege.

      Well, “what happens if it isn’t correct and all along it was nothing but a lying shill attempt at gaining political power for socialist reasons”. Because that is exactly what you and yours have been doing for 150 years. Disprove me. I can point out all of your ideological failures because they are historical facts.

      Why don’t you find your brain and play with it?

    • Lance says:

      What if an ecofreak, lying, socialist scumbag, tried to steal everything from everyone to comfort their own ideology?

      When will they stop molesting children, fomenting violence, and raping liberty?

      Well, Louis, What’s your response?

      • Louis Hooffstetter says:

        Lance, you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion from my first comment. Overall I tend to agree with you. I just don’t express my opinions quite as forcefully.

    • Sheri says:

      What if your doctor told you that you had cancer and you didn’t? Then he treats the nonexistent cancer. I know—he makes the news and goes to jail. It works both ways. Doctors can and do lie for profit, too.

  3. Eliza says:

    I think Louis is a full on skeptic of AGW and has been misinterpreted above (I also thought the same reading his first posting) LOL

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